Prior Service w/disability rating. Will it be a factor for Nurse Corps? - page 2

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Hello all, I just had a question about my disability that I was rated for when I was honorably discharged frome the Marine Corps and if it will affect my decision to join the Nurse Corps later on. I will be attending an... Read More

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    Hi Dana! Thank you and I will definitely keep your email if I have any questions. I like the option as a Federal Employee also. Especially of the duties and events that you mentioned. The main reason I want to go the back to the military is that I would like to be deployed at natural disaster sites to help in situations like Haiti and other places. I understand that I would be required to perform my tasks without any special accomodations and I don't think I would need it, I was just curious if it will hinder me from getting into a competitive field with the Nurse Corps in the military/Federal employment. Thank you very much for the information!
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    Hi Dana!

    Thank you for the response about my disability concerns and the military. I like the DMAT type of job where you can be deployed to natural disasters area and help out in that specific field. I don't have any issues performing my duties but I just hope the military doesn't see it as something that could hinder me from doing my duties. I have had my high blood pressure once I was in the military the first time but because I am taking meds daily to maintain my bp, I don't want it to be a reason as to why I would not be able to become an officer. Thank you again for your message, I don't know why I didn't see this comment before.
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    I am in the same boat as you. I am finishing up my ADN and will be applying for a BSN program next year. If you don't mind me asking, what is your disability for? I have a 10% service connected disability for sciatica, that I'm hoping won't hold me back from joining.
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    Hi RlBrown,

    Mine is hypertension, and something with my shoulder that they saw as something to get a disability for. Mine total is 30%. When is your BSN grad date?
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    My projected BSN graduation date is August 2015, if all goes well! And as long as the Navy doesn't say no because of my disability rating.