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Hello all, I have found great information about COT through these threads and on websites (Air Force and Maxwell AFB) but I have a few pretty specific questions. I spoke with an Air Force health recruiter and was told... Read More

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    It's nice to have rank sewn on, but it's not a big deal to have pin-on. If you have the option to do so prior to COT, then go for it, especially on the hat. I had pin-on for my hat and it dug into my forehead, which is totally uncomfortable! The other plus to having it sewn on is you know it's in the right place, and you don't have to remove it for laundry.

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    Thank you!
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    Ensure you get it sewn on per regs! lol.
    I encourage getting uniform all set and ready, one less thing to worry about. Go over your uniforms and cut off any itty-bitty little loose strings and button all buttons.
    When you aren't in ABUs you are in PT gear. Get plenty of those to wear around and be in while you do wash. You can't wear civilian clothes to just walk to the laundry room down the hall.
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    Thanks Mid. I'm going tomorrow to get all the uniforms.
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    CABLES CABLES CABLES!!!! I hear that in my sleep!! It is surprising how much flame an ABU can take@!!

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