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Dumb question but here goes anyway. No one has said anything to me about a board choosing me as a officer. They are saying that my package has to be submitted. Is this the same thing? I am applying for a specific position and no... Read More

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    Hey five_marshalls,

    We're in the same boat (somewhat). I'm completing my package for fully qualified med/surg (active duty) and the deadline is 27 Sept for submission to the board. The "Fully Qualified" board I believe meets sometime at the end of October but I don't know the exact date.

    As for the reserve requirement for package submission, I don't know if it is different. In other reserve AFSCs (job descriptions) you do apply specifically to a job in a specific unit. Do you know what that job/unit is? Since you say that you will be active for a year for training and then go reserves I am assuming you are going into flight nursing (due to its long training regimen)?

    USAFblue is right, you'll go to COT instead of OTS. I don't have to go to COT because I went to OTS in '99 and served 4.5 years active duty as an officer in another career field (space and missiles). I'm sure you'll do fine in COT.

    Hope this helps. Recruiters can be tricky to track down but stay on them. They'll eventually get back to you. There's probably some ambiguity as to active duty verses reserve recruiters.

    Good luck!

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    Your right! Flight nursing is what I'm striving for. They are hoping that I can come in aug/ any day now. However my flight physical has to be accepted and my package submitted. I'm guessing they have to be completed before I get to start ...? Like everyone else I'm just super excited to get going. Many paths to the same destination. Good luck to us all. Thanks very much for all the info.

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