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Hi All: I'm looking to start nursing school next year but in the meantime I'm trying to figure out what is going to be the best way for me to have the military pay for my schooling. I already have a BS in Marketing and I have... Read More

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    Been lookin' for you! How are things? How's Alaska?

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    Quote from carolinapooh
    Been lookin' for you! How are things? How's Alaska?
    Finally, hit 70 degrees here today. Feels like a freakin heat I just went walking around outside and I am sweating. I think I have finally acclimatized! Having fun here for the most part. I finish up 13 days of call for this month with a 4 day stretch starting tomorrow, and then I have 10 days of call next month. Dawn is around 0300 and dusk is about MN right now. I have woke up several times thinking I have over slept just only to find out it is 0300-0330 in the morning... Lots of Moose out right now. They seem to be more active now that it is warmer. I haven't seen any bears yet, but I know there out. Several of my coworkers have already spotted black and brown bears.

    Work has been work....I had 4 liter blood loss a couple of weeks ago from exp lap for GI bleed, and the guy only started with H&H of 7/21. Alaska doesn't carry but 1 or 2 six packs of platelets for the whole state, and it isn't at Elmendorf. Like every other small hospital Elmendorf isn't used to doing large transfusions. It took me over 30 minutes to get PRBCs that were already typed and crossed. I was doing anesthesia for procedure and the patient got a bunch of subcutaneous air in their chest, neck, and face. He had to stay intubated for awhile until the swelling went down, but was otherwise okay. All this and I qualify for less of bonus than when I was an ICU nurse It is good thing the AF payed for my Master's degree. On the bright side I am looking into going diving in the Gulf of Alaska sometime this summer. How is Texas/San Antonio treating you?
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    Quote from carolinapooh
    What I was talking about was AFIT where you're sent back to school; I went to COT with people who got Medical Corps and MSC scholarships and am familiar wih them. The OP was talking about a direct entry master of NURSING program (where you bypass a BSN) which the Air Force will not pay up front for. The MSC, dental, and medical stuff is different and IS paid up front if you qualify.
    Hi Everyone...

    Just to clarify a few things. The program that I was referring to at Emory doesn't bypass the BSN. The BSN is accelerated and you complete it in 1 year then you move directly into your MSN for 1-2 years depending on your specialty.

    My recruiter has verified that this type of program would qualify for the Nursing HPSP as long as the applicant has a prior BS degree. That way if they don't finish the program they can still satisfy their obligation to the military as an officer.
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    That's good news for you, then. If they'll do that, that's actually a great opportunity education-wise. Knock it out up front.

    BUT - I would get verification as to where they'll place you once you're in. It may be that the Air Force will not place you as an MSN level RN (i.e., as an NP) without any experience, since with less than six months' nursing experience you have to go to NTP. If your goal is to work in a clinic, I don't know if the AF would do that right off the bat, even with the MSN, without experience. I'd check that. Let us know what you find out.
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    I just got a call from my recruiter yesterday... seems my first (or is it second?) recruiter is leaving station now so, I talked with her replacement. He told me that my packet is all ready to go before the Oct. boards, but that there are only about 10 Nurse Candidate Program slots for Fiscal Year 2011 in the 7-state region... ugh... going to be a lot of disappointed applicants this year . He told me that they are expecting to have about 50-60 packets competing for those 10 slots. Good luck to everyone in that group!

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    Do the accelerated MSN or if you want the officer development (tactically and structurally) do ROTC. Either way if you are in the medical or law related fields you can direct commission without going through any formal training (unlike pilots or infantry officers ect.) OCS might work too. My guess is that after you would commission they would stick you into the Med Corps and your new job would be school..again lol...All depends on what you want.
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    I'm too old for :P

    If I do not get selected this year for NCP, I will wait and try to go direct commission.
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    Lol woops I didn't see the age, maybe if you went back time 9 or 10 years? haha

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