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How many gov't nurses have used the NNEI program to get BSN or MSN? Was ALL of you education paid for???? We have 4 nurse that utilized the program & then told opps we have no monies & got stuck with BIG $$$ in our own... Read More

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    Quote from rn-np
    you have to pay tuition and then nnei funding will reimburse you. another issue with this program is that you are not guaranteed advanced nursing position after you graduate. i finished my np program 2 years ago and am still working as a staff nurse. no step increase, no pay increase, nothing... my facility is hiring outside nps while 3 of us (nnei scholarship recipients) are working as a staff rns.
    i just read through the nnei handbook and it stipulates that they have 6 months to put you into an np position from the date which you become eligible to do it. is this not the case?

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    I read the handbook too. Yes they have 180 days to put you into position after you graduate but I believe in another clause they do not guarantee a position. ALso, I have been trying to find information about transfering from one VA to another out of state while serving my obligated NNEI time of two years. Anyone come across this?
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    I am a VANEEP recipient, it was difficult to get started but once a plan was in place my VA paid my school directly. I just had to let them know what needed to be paid and submit the OP-165. The thing that I am having trouble with is this....Between the time that I applied and got excepted I got pregnant unexpectedly. I brought this up to my education coordinator and was told (assured even) that I could take maternity leave and then file an extension. Long story short - baby girl was born and I took time off (because they said I had to take some maternitly leave). When I went to file my extension they said, "oh sorry you can't have an extension because it will put you past the 24 month window, didn't realize that before in our previous conversations." And so now I am left struggling trying to cram everything in. Doesn't seem fair, but I suppose that is the government. Don't get me wrong, I am super thankful for the VANEEP program....I just really wish the correct info was given out first.
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    I entered into and agreement with the VA in 2009. I initially started out in a program for ACNP's then changed schools and went into a CNS program. My contract was amended. I saved them $17,000 and still had a service agreement of 2.8 years, go figure.I should have known from initiation that there would be problems ranging from taking months to reimburse me to changing the handbook without notification and after graduation, I am still at the bedside.The new contract said it must be signed by a certain date or would be deleted, neither of which occurred.I am writing my Congressman as well.The handbook was changed after I was already in the program to say that the service agreement could be served out in any 0610 position which is essentially at the bedside and I was not notified or given any options. I would not have taken a dime had I known they were'nt going to give me a job that would allow me to utilize the degree for which I received funding.I contacted NO and was told the reason it was changed is because people were failing to keep their service agreement committments.I informed her that it also still says that an NP and a CNS must serve out their service agreement in one of those positions. She agreed with me that it still does say that but added the director had to promise these jobs beforehand.I am contacting my Congressman as well because I don't believe they can hold me to an agreement that they didn't uphold. I too am willing to join your class action suit.
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    Yes and no.They changed the handbook to say these positions have to be guaranteed by the facility director, however it still does say they have to appoint you by 180 days or you don't owe service or money.How does that work?

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