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Hi there, I've been a nurse since 2010 and graduated from University of Portland, Oregon. I worked in mental health and with the red cross for a year before applying for the Navy. 13 mos later I... Read More

  1. by   confusedstudent_88
    Hi I'm not sure if this was answered. But I was wondering about the physical portion of ODS. When you do your push ups is it on your knees or feet? Female just wondering for training purposes! Thanks!
  2. by   littleluvbugnavy
    Get up on your feet!!! No girl push ups allowed!
  3. by   confusedstudent_88
  4. by   Sw88tpea
    Happy 4th! Be loud and proud America!
  5. by   bmm38
    I'm currently in the Navy's Nurse Candidate Program and will be graduating in May 2013. (YAY!) I was just wondering...what are the shifts like for Navy Nurses? (How long and how often?) I know they must vary based on the setting but I'm just looking for a general estimate since I've been curious for awhile now. Thanks!
  6. by   Sw88tpea
    Hi there, I work a standard block schedule Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then Wednesday, Thursday and repeat. So I have a three day weekend every other week. I work 12 hours shifts 7-7. We rotate days and nights every six weeks for six weeks. That's the deal.
  7. by   ameadows4
    when you say that there arent 10 days between ODS and your duty station...exactly how many days do they give you?
  8. by   runnergirl86
    It depends on where you are going. If you are flying from ODS back home, then driving to your next duty station they'll give you travel days depending on how far you are going (e.g. flying back to Seattle then driving down to San Diego). However each command is different. Bethesda allotted one travel day and the day of graduation (friday) counted as the travel day so I needed to report on Saturday.
  9. by   Sw88tpea
    Everyone's orders says that there are ten days of allotted leave. But that means that if you want to use leave, you are allowed to. However you will be using earned leave that you have not even earned yet.

    If you are flying you get one travel day no matter where you fly to (in the US) so you will need to check-in on Saturday.

    I drove from Rhode Island to Virginia and was given two travel days (Friday and Saturday) so check-in was Sunday even though my NLT day was Monday. I checked in on Monday and was charged a day of leave.

    My friend who drove from Rhode Island to California was given 9 days I think.

    Remember that the Friday of graduation counts as a travel day.
  10. by   jsw246
    I will be going to ODS in August. How did you get approved for the star card prior to going? Thanks!
  11. by   Sw88tpea
    I got a star card at the NEX when I arrived at ODS. They give you a 'temporary card' to use at ODS and then when you make your first big purchase you get 10% off which for me was $260. Then mail you the real card later.
  12. by   navyRN1790
    hi sw88tpea,

    i am doing ods in sept and reporting to portsmouth in october. i am a new graduate so i would expect not to get in the ed or icu, but i am hoping within 1-2 years i can get into an icu. i've worked in a big city hospital on a step-down telemetry floor as a tech working primarily with oncology patients with heart conditions, some gi, some pulmonary, surgical and psych. would it be of benefit to tell someone that? it's been a great learning experience, but i am excited to see what navy medicine is all about!

    i went down twice to portsmouth since i received my orders to nmcp. the area seems nice, but a whole lot different than what i am used to in philadelphia. i noticed traffic sucks on the downtown tunnel so i am getting the hint that i should live in portsmouth at least for the 1st year so i am not late for work. i am thinking about getting an apartment at the myrtles. i would really like a roommate since i am new to the area and to bank a little extra on the bah, but i absolutely don't know anyone! my recruiter said it is a good possibility of meeting someone in ods, but i don't know if i should rely on that. do you have any recommendations?

    also, do you like the hospital? do you have any recommendations on how to be successful? what is the 3-month internship like?

    i also have a lot of my uniforms from rotc that i participated in my sophomore year of college (summer white, khakis, service dress blues, pt gear, white and black oxfords) <--should i bring them to ods?
  13. by   carolinakate88
    Just got my orders today for Sept ODS and reporting to Portsmouth afterwards as well! navyRN1790 you are no longer alone!