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  1. by   Don't Tread On Me

    Would you add anything on to the "Things I wish I had known before I got there [ODS]" ODS - Life as a Navy Nurse.
    Also what attire should we arrive, should we bring any clothes at all, and how much money do you think we should bring?

    Sorry if I'm asking so many questions.
  2. by   J-Diddy
    Quote from Sw88tpea
    I am not extending. I will be ending my three year contract at Portsmouth Naval.

    In my ODS class, a prior enlisted nurse went to Guam. They always need people there so if you're will I would voice that.
    If you don't mind me asking. ..why are you not extending?
  3. by   Sw88tpea
    Hi Don't Tread On Me,

    It doesn't matter what you arrive in, just know you will be checking in at the quarterdeck and should be wearing appropriate clothing-no cut-offs, graphic T-shirts, etc. You will be asked to change into 'PT' gear that night to muster, workout shorts/sweats and T shirt. It may be a white T-Shirt you're required to wear and then you will be issued your Navy PT gear the next day.

    I brought a suitcase of clothes and left it in my car, but you could leave it in the storage locker that is available in King Hall. All my other belongings were shipped in my household goods. I brought with me the only clothes I had for three weeks after arriving at my duty station, wish I had brought more. Pajamas, work out clothes, civilian wear for an earned-liberty-weekend at ODS, and for afterwards when you're settling at your next command. I went to ODS in February where it was freezing and ended up in Virginia in March where I had to go buy shorts and flip flops. Just some things to think about to make the transition smoother.

    The first first pages of this blog have a lot of information on what to bring. Here is one of my previous posts:

    Quote from Sw88tpea
    what to bring!

    space-you have a 'war locker' appx 6'x4'x2' that you will keep locked at all times. there are three drawers in it and a bar to hang stuff on. my class was also allowed to use the drawers under the bed. there is also a locked storage room reserved for suitcases and anything you won't need all the time. you have access to this throughout the program. you can fit a lot of stuff in your room but the less clutter the easier it is to clean.

    no one inspects your personal belongings. you will never have your locker ransacked. the main 'contraband' was food. with this i brought personal items that i did not want to be shipped with my household goods-computer, ext. hard drive, ipod, all my jewelry, camera etc.

    ods required paperwork/items to bring
    below is the required paperwork needed for each student reporting to officer training command newport. you will receive all paperwork turned in to us back at the end of the course. for hpsp students, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see your paperwork requirements.
    officer development school required paperwork
    (you should bring 3 copies of each requirement) not necessary-they will make copies if they need. you should use one main set of orders for everything-getting stamped and signed etc. extra copies are just helpful.

    • permanent change of station (pcs) or reserve orders and any modifications
    • copies of prescriptions from civilian physicians if taking prescription medication. at minimum 1 weeks' worth of medication should be hand carried with you. you may bring 5 weeks worth, but with a prescription you can get it filled once you are here. bring as many weeks as you can. it is not easy to get things filled at ods and you have to have an appt. with a provider at your next command in order to get things re-filled. 8 weeks worth or more is good.
    • all medical/dental records and immunization records. military and civilian. i waited until i was at my command and then had civilivan records sent. if you are healthy it will be fine. if it's convenient go for it. you will be handed your health record and transport it personally to your ultimate duty station.
    • you will have a medical 'overview' and a dental appt. get your teeth cleaned before you come if you can, it's a pain to schedule.
    • oath of office. this is mandatory!!! this and orders are most imp. docs!
    • direct deposit information (your banks routing number and your account number).
      - direct deposit is not optional. bring your bank account number and financial institution's routing number (rtn) for your direct deposit. you will be offered the opportunity to open an account with navy federal credit union but this is not mandatory.
    • birth certificate. (original)
    • social security card. (original) - all members must have original ssn card with them!

    if the student is unable to bring originals (besides your social security card) the students must have a court certified true copy of each document. notarized copies will not be accepted.
    • state or federal issue photo identification (driver's license, state identification card or passport).
    • marriage license (if applicable). (original)
    • spouse's identification card (if applicable). (original)
    • birth certificates and social security cards for all dependents (all children/spouse if applicable). (original)
    • child custody documents (if applicable). (original)
    • divorce documents (if applicable). (original)
    • recruiter contact information (name/phone/fax and nrd address)
    • !!accession bonus information!!: if you are receiving an accession bonus, we will need:
      • service agreement-this is how you collect your bonus-i received mine in full, two weeks into ods.
      • congratulations letter also imp, the only doc that states the amount $$$

    [img]file://localhost/users/sw88tpea/library/caches/temporaryitems/msoclip/0/clip_image002.png[/img]frequently asked questions concerning your pay/record and entitlements
    for prior military service only:
    • all dd-214's
    • page two (record of emergency data). - it would be acceptable if you re-signed the two copies of the current page 2 on the last page under your previous signature. your new signature means that there are no changes to the current page 2, and that it is up-to-date. after your new signature, put today's date. without a page 2, we cannot pay you basic allowance for housing (bah) type 2.
    • last psd point of contact info (poc name/phone/fax/and address)
    • for prior active reserve service, please bring all dd-214s and reserve points capture to accurately determine all reserve and active time served.
    • reservists need to bring their reserve points summary sheet in addition to their dd214.

    for hpsp students only.
    • you will not need the above paperwork. you only need to bring your permanent change of station (pcs) or reserve orders and any modifications.
    • verify with the hpsp office that your page 2, otherwise known as your "record of emergency data" has been updated (if necessary) within the last 12 months for any changes. if not, please update your page 2 with the hpsp office.

    **please note, all hpsp students pay issues will be handled by the hpsp office in bethesda, maryland. if you have questions or need assistance, please email and your inquiry will be processed promptly by the hpsp staff.
    ***all hpsp student medical/dental records will be sent to ods from the hpsp office.

    immunizations: the following immunizations/labs will be administered/drawn at ods:
    twinrix (hep a/hep b combination) hep a series hep b series
    hiv and results (within last year) hep b titer tetanus (tdap)
    ppd (tuberculosis ipv (polio) influenza
    varicella tite typhoid yellow fever
    mmr (measles, mumps, rubella varicella abo/rh (blood type)
    g6pd/sickle cell v zoster igg dna
    **if you have immunization records military or civilian) that cover these items, you will need to bring them, or you will receive them again. you will need these on day one of training.

    if you do not supply immunization records of these you will get them again (not ideal).

    other items:
    _ **special dietary and religious needs must be expressed on the first day of training. otcn will do everything possible to accommodate all special and religious needs without compromising training.
    i have sensitivities to gluten and dairy. i was required to carry an epi-pen (even though i've never had a reaction). eating at training was very challenging. i worked with my class team and was able to purchase some gluten-free, dairy-free protein bars and bread to make sure i was getting enough calories. i lost 14 lbs in two weeks and had a stomach ache most of training. it was manageable. you can pm me about this if you need.

    - money: meals will be paid for by each student. money is collected on a weekly basis by the company mess treasurer. meals cost approximately $15/day for a weekly cost of $105. you should bring enough cash to handle the first two weeks of meals ($210). you will have access to an atm machine. true, bringing more cash is helpful, i brought $600.

    required items to bring:
    you will be issued all necessary uniform items upon arrival at ods. you will also receive a clothing allowance of $400.00. below are the items needed to begin training and estimates for how much of each you will require.
    -you will wear pt gear first week until you get khakis. pt gear is mens sizes. i'm a size-8-10ish and wear small shirt/short is ok, can be tight after a wash. medium sweats for comfort, you always wear shorts and shirt under sweats.

    uniforms cost approximately $2,500 total. you will pay this the last week and can open a 'star card' account to receive 10% off your first purchase, which is worth it even if you close it later.

    men women
    _ t-shirts (white, crew neck) - 8 each
    _ underwear, briefs - 10 pair
    * boxer briefs boxer shorts/regular
    _ athletic socks (white) - 10 pair -
    (any type and length)
    _ towel - 2 each
    _ washcloth - 2 each
    _ black dress socks - 7-8 pairs
    _ t-shirts (white, crew neck) - 8 each 5 is good
    _ underwear, briefs- 10 *basic underwear remember you pt everyday, bring enough.
    * underwear and bras should be white or a neutral color. avoid patterns, fashionable or shear underwear. it should be functional wear for activities from classroom study to working out.
    _ athletic socks (white) - 10 pair
    (any type and length)
    _ towel - 2 each
    _ washcloth - 2 each
    _ brassiere/sports bras
    _ swimsuit, one piece conservative
    (black/navy blue)
    _ black dress socks - 7-8 pair maybe 3.
    personal toiletries personal toiletries
    _ basic items only
    _ shaving gear (no electric shavers)
    _ toothbrush/paste and floss
    _ deodorant
    _ soap/shampoo
    _ nail clippers
    _ shower shoes
    _ white mesh laundry bag
    _ feminine hygiene products (i hadn't needed these for years and needed them at ods, just have some to hold you over just in case)
    _ toothbrush/paste and floss
    _ deodorant
    _ soap/shampoo (note, i felt i had sufficient hygiene time 99% of the time)
    _ nail clippers
    no make-up or hair products (gel/mousse/hairspray) will be authorized until the last portion of training. you may bring them.
    _shower shoes
    _white mesh laundry bag
    you will wear pt shorts and a white undershirt during immunizations and uniform day. please bring and wear a white bra for this, if you don't have one plan on wearing a sports bra otherwise you are an embarrassing.
    also, i wore a sports bra 24 hours a day for the first week. invest in a good one.

    _ civilian clothes. civilian clothes should be brought. you may have approximately 4-5 days of liberty where you can wear civilian clothes. plan accordingly.
    _ all students need to bring a combination padlock. (key locks are not authorized)

    prior service:
    _ bring medals (large), ribbons, and warfare devices. if your prior service was with any service other than the navy, you will need to procure or order your medals/ribbons/devices prior to your arrival. the uniform shop here does not carry a large assortment of different service items.
    running shoes:
    _ please invest in a quality pair of running shoes less than six months old. you will be running 5-7 miles per week, depending on where you are in training. running is conducted on pavement, so a good pair of shoes is important. (running will be less during winter months due to outdoor conditions.) vibrams, or any other type of "five finger running shoe" is not authorized while at ods.
    authorized items:
    _ alarm clock, battery-operated (no radio function)
    _ cell phones (will be authorized after hours)
    _ wristwatch (will be authorized later in training)
    _ wallet and check book/debit card

    other items:
    _ 2-3 black ink ball point pens
    _ envelopes (for personal use)
    _ stamps (for personal use)
    _ scissors (tiny sewing scissors for trimming loose strings on uniforms-you will do this a lot)
    _ 6" x 9" steno notebook. (basic color-not patterned)

    _ cleaning supplies. students usually spend money buying personal cleaning supplies. you may bring these items if you desire. (usual items cover basic dusting and cleaning personal spaces)
    -shoe shine kit (black polish/brush/cloth)
    -small container of laundry detergent.
    *there is a place to purchase these items if you do not wish to pack them. navy exchange/wal-mart and other locations are located on or close to the base.

    other items:
    spandex-i was at training when it was cold and there was some wear and tear on my legs from shirt stays
    ibuprofen, benadryl (you can get it at sick call, but not at 9pm)
    tide to-go pen
    ear plugs
    hair dryer
    make up could be worn the last week and on liberty
    shoe polishing kit
    pillow (i'm picky) and blanket(s), some brought sleeping bags
    ipod (can be used when you go to base gym/pt outside on liberty time)
    laptop (no wifi but there is an internet caf you can go to later in the program)
    -i also used note cards, my own water bottle for the room (you will be issued one), mini-first aid, blister pads, a small pocket calendar, a book to read, and lint roller
    loofa/sponge thing-sometimes you need to scrub dirt off

    things i purchased upon arrival-you can always stop at the nex (mini-walmart) the day you get there, then you probably can't go again until the wknd maybe:
    swiffer pads (swiffer is available)
    clorox wipes
    laundry detergent

    you can bring copies of the sailors creed, anchors aweigh, marines hymn, articles of the code of conduct. you will be provided these. you will be required to memorize these, if you have a really hard time start now. yes you will sing the marines hymn and anchors aweigh, a lot.

    many things were available. they are leftover from people who fly out and don't take soap/shampoo/detergent/cleaning supplies with them. there are shower caddies for use, swiffers, envelopes, rulers, etc. just depends.

    note that these are all the belongings you will have until you get to your next command, get a place, and have goods shipped. i wish i had my family bring/ship some items that would have been helpful (civilian clothes-pjs, pt gear, jeans, shorts, clothes to go out in (i was not prepared for 80 degree weather in va after rhode island).
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    Quote from Sw88tpea
    I am not extending. I will be ending my three year contract at Portsmouth Naval.

    In my ODS class, a prior enlisted nurse went to Guam. They always need people there so if you're will I would voice that.
    The site will not let me send you a private message.
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    It says I have to have 15 posts!
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    Quote from J-Diddy
    It says I have to have 15 posts!
    This is correct. It keeps spammers from joining the site and PMing people with nonsense. After members have 15 quality posts, they can use the PM system.
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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    This is correct. It keeps spammers from joining the site and PMing people with nonsense. After members have 15 quality posts, they can use the PM system.
    I am thinking of joining the navy. I have somewhat of a fear of public speaking. Will this be a huge problem at ODS?
  8. by   littleluvbugnavy
    Never had to public speak at ODS, you'll be fine
  9. by   Sw88tpea
    Available for Navy Nurse questions, the application process, the training, and the lifestyle. Just completed a 3 year contract.
  10. by   J-Diddy
    I guess the biggest question is why did you choose to leave? I would like to hear about your experience involving where you were stationed. I am currently in school and I plan to submit my package for the NCP program when it opens up in July.
  11. by   newRnnene
    Was wondering how things are going in Portsmouth. Haven't been on here since before I went to ODS. I'm currently stationed at NH Beaufort. Wanted to DM you but I don't think I'm allowed to
  12. by   newRnnene
    I wanted to know what influenced you to separate also. I have completed almost 2 years. Still contemplating whether or not I want to stay in
  13. by   oaktown2
    J-Diddy - I obviously can't comment on Sw88tpea's experience, but I am currently 2 years in (and at this point I plan to continue) but I know plenty of people who get out after their first tour. I've been in San Diego the whole time and no super interesting opportunities, yet. For a lot of people it just isn't the right fit. The military isn't for everyone and if you want to succeed, you do need to be willing to do the extra things that make your fitreps look good. A lot of people don't want to do that because they have other priorities. That doesn't mean that it has to be all work and no play, but work comes first. When staffing is short (which it frequently is), military RNs are the ones who have to fill in. (We're cheap, civilian RNs require overtime.) For people who want to have a family, the military can be a hard choice. You also don't necessarily get to chose where you want to work. I started off on a unit that was not my first choice, but it was where the Navy needed me and I am now having a hard time trying to move to where I want to go, because staffing is tight. It's frustrating. But I'm not yet ready to give up, because I know there are some fabulous opportunities in the Navy.