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Hi there, I've been a nurse since 2010 and graduated from University of Portland, Oregon. I worked in mental health and with the red cross for a year before applying for the Navy. 13 mos later I found myself at Officer... Read More

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    carolinakate88 & robsrn888: go to (make sure you have a good internet browser that allows pop-ups so take off the pop-up blocker I used internet explorer). Also make sure you have printing available because there are MANY forms to print, which isn't a surprise haha. Once you go to click DPS registration. (it's in the top left corner & it's blue). After you click DPS registration it will take you to another page. Click the grey button that says DOD Service Member and Civilian Registration. After clicking that it will bring you to and the top in green says ETA Electronic Transportation Acquisition (DOD registration). Fill out the form which includes your name, SSN, e-mail, branch of service and 7 different security questions. After you fill that out it will generate a login name and password. WRITE THESE DOWN AND KEEP THEM IN A SAFE PLACE! you will need it for the future. DO NOT LOOSE THEM!!! Once you have a login name and password you can log in to the ETA system. Once logged in click on Defense Personal Property System under My approved applications. After you click that it will bring you to another page that has light blue letters. Hit self-counseling in the top left corner. Fill out the application. You do need a hard copy of your orders because it asks for the order number. If you have any issues call this number 1 855 444 6683 then hit 0 for operator and tell them you need help with filling out the packet. they are available M-F 0800-1700. If you want to ask me any questions my e-mail is

    I hope that helps! On that note I am very excited to meet both of you in Newport . The Ghent is very nice and I would love to live in the area if the opportunity were to arrive. It reminds me of where I'm from a little. Portsmouth itself is pretty boring. I went to check out the area twice and there is not much to do besides the 4 or 5 restaraunts in olde town and parts are kind of sketchy. Robsrn888: where are you from and where did you go to school??
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    also on there is a tutorial that walks you through the process on the application, which is helpful but I also called the number because I like to talk to a human being. Good luck!
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    when you call the number tell them you need help with the self-counseling packet. Also make sure your current duty station is listed as your home address or where ever you want your HHG picked up from. your Permanent Change of States (PCS) is Portsmouth, VA. Your stuff is put in governement storage for up to 90 days FREE so that gives people enough time to find a place to live.
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    Awesome! Thanks for being so thorough! I'm heading up next week to hopefully secure a place to live! Woohoo!
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    that's awesome carolinakate88!!

    robsrn888: I am hoping to find someone at ODS to live with as well in the Virginia area.
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    Wow! Good work! Sorry for my absence. Could you three headed to Portsmouth email me and ill send you info on apartments and sponsor info if I can.
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    yes setting up HHG was very confusing, i had to call and have them help me, and make sure you're using a PC not a mac, that was my problem. somehow the HHG system and macs just dont work, ended up having to use my parents PC.

    navyRN1790 & carolinakate88 -
    i went to nursing school at duquesne (though since most will not know where that is), its in pittsburgh, and i am originally from a suburb 30 minutes outside the city. looking forward to meeting both of you in newport.
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    I know where that is! And I know how to pronounce it! My high school physics teacher went there! (I LOVE that I can remember that, but have the hardest time remembering the things that matter! Womp womp!) Will you both be driving to Newport?
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    navyRN1790 - you went down to portsmouth already? i have a few questions could you email me at by chance?. and carolinakate88 - thats very surprising you know where duquesne is and how to say it most do not. good luck at looking at places. See you guys in newport.
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    Hey guys! September is coming way faster than I could have imagined EEK! Getting excited/ anxious and nervous at the same time. I am worried I'm not doing everything I should before reporting to Newport, I feel like the Navy is so vague about what we need to get done or have before we go! Ive been workin out and going over ranks and hymms and whatnot, but Im a little in the dark about other paperwork or things we might need to complete before we go! Does anyone else feel the same way??

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