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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am hoping someone will be able to answer my question...How do officers in the Navy reserve promote? I know the progression for AD Navy Officers and wasn't sure if it was the same. I am currently in a RN-BSN program and debating if I want to join the Navy Reserves upon graduation. I have contacted a medical recruiter and seems like I have been waiting by the phone for someone to call and every time I call NO ONE ANSWERS...kinda frustrating.

    Also, would anyone be able to tell me what "drill" consists of? I have looked through the numerous threads and haven't really found anything recent and specific to the reserves (specifically Navy but I am also considering other branches).

    My husband is in the Navy but is currently deployed and I am not in communication with him right now. I would love to hear first hand from someone in the medical field of the navy. Thank you in advance for your help and comments!
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    Hello I was wondering how your process is going I as well am interested in the nursing navy reserves
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    Promotion on the reserve side is the same as it is on the active duty side only the two don't compete against each other. Meaning at promotion time reservists are compared to other reservists while active duty compete with only other active duty.

    Weekend duty, or drill (also know as IDT), in a medical unit envloves taking care of the Sailors, and most likely Marines, in other units. Seeing to their immunizations, physicals, anything they might need medical wise to keep them at 100% deployable. Reserve centers will have a dedicated area called sickbay where doctors, nurses, and corpsman spend their time seeing to all the needs I mentioned above. My unit takes care of about 300 sailors and marines who drill out of our reserve center. Other branches, Air Force & Army, do the same thing on their drill weekends. Best of luck.

    Navy Nurse Corps reserves x 16 years.