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  1. 0 Hello everyone with the recent numbers for DA for fiscal year 2014 being zero for active duty nurses, I am considering switching over to the reserves as a nurse officer. I am a new graduate BSN and have been working on my DA kit for almost two years now and I finally got everything done but it doesn't seem like it's meant to be for the DA route... I have 4 months of home health experience as an RN with an agency that takes high acuity patients. Do I qualify for the reserve component or do they only accept candidates with acute care experience?
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    Hello! While I can't answer what kind of nursing experience they're looking for, I can say that my recruiter told me I need 90 days of experience before we can submit my package. I'm also going reserves because I can't wait for active duty slots. I have a great job in the OR that I will be starting next Monday. I'm just trying to put together everything I can before then.

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