Navy Nurse Corps Active Duty Direct Accession FY 2017

  1. Anyone get accepted recently?

    My packet was completed and is to be submitted to the board this month. How long did you all have to wait to hear some news? And if you got accepted, when will you be going to ODS?

    Im currently credentialed in Critical Care but only have 7 months of experience. I was a medical surgical nurse for about 2.5 years prior to moving to the ICU. Overall I've been a nurse for 3 years. Trying to get my hours to take the CCRN.

    Any advice would help.
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  3. by   j.a.m.rn13
    Mine took about 2 months. (Sent to board middle of October, I found out that I was selected on December 12th.) I haven't really heard anything else since then. I know the holidays delay things. So perhaps I will hear more soon. I still don't know when I will swear in, when I will go to ODS, or anything else.
  4. by   Chelle2013RN
    Awesome! What are you credentialed for? Hoping I hear some good news soon. My recruiter said the boards will meet on January 15th. Crossing my fingers.
  5. by   j.a.m.rn13
    I am credentialed for ER/Trauma. Good luck! I know how you feel. It seems like the waiting will never end! I started this process almost exactly 1 year ago. lol