Navy NCP Applicants: Graduating class of 2015

  1. I have seen a few threads out there representing different years so I wanted to put this one out there.
    I am applying this year toward acceptance for the grad year 2015.
    Who is with me??
    I'd love to be able to talk about our journey, and share in the excitement and anxiety of it all.

    Soo... Hello... I'm a married (to a marine) mother of 3 LVN to BSN student and I am motivated like heck to get accepted and excel.

    I'm from the SD area and go to WCU. I have most of my packet done just waiting on part 2 of my physical and the transcripts to come in.... then it's just the interviews and boards... I'm sooo anxious!!! eeeee!!!!

    Good luck to you all and happy nursing!

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  3. by   StudentForever77

    I put my kit in back in October...originally for fy2015 but then was able to change schools and get into fy2014. When I was going thru the process, my recruiter said they only had 5 seats for 2015...hence my motivation to get into 2014. So I was accepted, but then they delayed our program start to know, after we determine if we will even have a military left after sequestration and the financial disaster we're facing! :-) Ive been a bit apprehensive about how things are going to change when I do finally commission... Some TA is already going away...cutbacks everywhere... I'm hoping it all turns out well.
  4. by   Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Yea?? Oh man I wish I could have done that!! Well congrats!!!!! Im sooo happy for you.. my recruiter told me that there are 70 spots... :/ I keep hearing different numbers but that doesn't matter... all that matters is me getting in!!!!

    So how has it been?
    Any tips?

    Aaaaah again congrats...

    Ok ok back to earth...

    Yea sequestration seems like the big bad wolf and a half but im sure we'll be ok...

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  5. by   StudentForever77
    Thanks! Well so far it's really uneventful. Just hacking away at school... Hopefully in May I'll have more info.

    As for 2015 seats...idk maybe the availability was different when my kit went in... or maybe my recruiter really needed to fill 2014 spots. Lol i I'm really glad to see that it is 70 though!!

    I wish you the best through the process!!
  6. by   Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Uneventful? Lol! Did you swear in and sign on the dotted line directly after acceptance?

    Thank you...

    And cheers for a great may... its just around the corner

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  7. by   StudentForever77
    Oh...and Im married too... I have 5 children, live in northern IL and my husband is a retired Seabee (thats a Navy specialty)... we are all so excited... My husband was enlisted and now we are anxious to experience military life from a different perspective!
  8. by   StudentForever77
    Quote from Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Uneventful? Lol! Did you swear in and sign on the dotted line directly after acceptance?

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    There's the problem... My kit went to board in October and that board was delayed until December (read: POST election). A few weeks later, I was notified that I was accepted... but that those of us at that board weren't going to 'sign' until May... ultimately this is because of the fiscal cliff we hit earlier in the year... It's quite husband is now a DOD employee and he has been hit with the furlough. Friends that are still in told me that ships are at port, the Comfort has cancelled cruises, and they're looking to significantly reduce boots...

    So yeah... when you clear the pixie dust out if your eyes after being 'accepted' and realize your expected contract terms may change...well it's a little tense around the house. Lol We are excited and hoping for the best...
  9. by   Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Oh crap.. im sorry I totally didnt catch that in ur previous post...

    Wow yea... I can see how thats a kick In the teeth a bit... ugh...

    Well good luck. ..

    At least ur accepted. .

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  10. by   StudentForever77
    True... I am grateful that I made it!! I plan on staying 20 years but I suppose the one good thing that came of it was that my contract shortened from 5 to 4 years since Ill receive less than 1 year of stipends.

    Enjoy your interviews...I think that was by far the best part!!!
  11. by   Teetah
    Hi all,

    I'm in my junior year of nursing school. I'm also interested in military nursing. I'm going back and forth between the Navy and the Air Force though. I'm currently talking to both recruiters, well, actually the Air Force recruiter told me to check back when I'm within 12 months of graduation. I'm 26, married with three step-children, and my husband is prior enlisted Army/Air Force. He got out in May of last year and will start his junior year of nursing in the fall. I live in Hawaii. I'm not quite sure what my Navy recruiter meant but he said "they have closed the FY 15 NCP program and only took 5 people nationwide. It will open again in August for the next year. I would expect them to accept around 70 people in your grad year" and I graduate in May 2015. Therefore I am confused as to what FY he was referring to. I talked to the Air Force recruiter first, and he was actually an AFROTC recruiter, but since I'm already a junior, he said I was ineligible for that program because they require 3 years. He did seem to think that the Air Force would happily accept me within 12 months of graduation. My dad's a marine which is why I originally chose Navy, but my hubby and in-laws are Air Force. I'm torn between the traditions of each, but honestly I just want to be a military nurse, so I'm going with the one that will secure me a job. I intend to be a lifer.
  12. by   StudentForever77
    Hi Teetah,

    Idk what that means for you either. :-( I was accepted for FY 2014...and I graduate April 2014. The fiscal year starts in October... and i was told that i had to graduate prior to Oct 2014 in order to fall into FY 2014.

    If you graduate May 2015, you *should* be in Fy 2015. However I was told the same...they were taking only 5 back in Dec. I imagine those were filled then.

    I feel like a broken record but the military is making a huge shift now. We ramped up for war...and now that's all going to have to shrink back. Granted, nurses are needed and health care services are in demand... but call me troops shrink and civilian nurses fill stateside hospitals/VAs, I'm not at all surprised the quota for 2015 was only 5.

    Regardless of all that, make sure you prepare early. You would want to start your kit well before an Oct board as it has taken others several months to complete. Took me 2 months working on it as often as a part time job!

    All the best!
  13. by   Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Ok I may have info... my recuriter told me there were 5 spots for EARLY acceptance... he explained it wierd but said those 5 are chosen in october and the rest of the 70 get picked off of the august submit date... (when im putting in my kit) then boards in oct again... and bam... cycle restarts....

    Thats how I understood it...

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  14. by   Teetah
    That does make sense. I guess I need to meet with my recruiter soon so I can get my packet ready for the August boards! Let me know how the process is going for you, Mrs. Flowers!