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I am looking for information regarding the RECENT 2012 BOLC experience for Reservists. I got my commission back in Dec '11 and have done two drills with my unit so far. I began the online... Read More

  1. by   Scottlin
    Lucky! :bowingpur
  2. by   Stephyfoxx
    Kuwona- I've been in the reserves since March so I don't know anything well enough to advise other just yet BUT I am scheduled to do AT before BOLC. Also, I elected to do additional duty in conjunction with my AT and have already been given orders for this. So, to answer your question it is possible because I'm doing it. I went through the Unit Administrator to do this. I'm not sure what the chain is or who actually makes the decision. would ask around! Best of luck to you!

    To answer your other questions....I emailed BOLC directly and the training we receive in BOLC does NOT count toward annual training. I would do as many days as you can with your unit before BOLC. I have learned a ton, my uniforms are good to go, and I feel way more prepared. They might even surprise you with some additional help! My unit's been going over DNC (Drill and Ceremony) and some other basics that direct commission soldiers miss.
  3. by   Stephyfoxx
    Hi Kuwona,

    What University or Program did you go through for Clinical Psych? I'm in the process of researching schools. I have my masters in counseling psychology and was bummed that you either have to have an MSW or doctorate in psychology. Any information would be appreciated!
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    Great information!
    I really love the fact that you said "behoove"
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    Your HIV most definitely should've been done at MEPS. Your DA photo is not a mandatory thing for Reservist while you're there. However, since you'll be on an Army installation it would behoove you to get your ASU squared away while you're there and your DA photo.

    Great information!
    I really love the fact that you said "behoove"
  6. by   Scottlin
    I haven't seen any comments lately regarding the RESERVE component BOLC experience. I am still interested in learning more...since I will be heading there in November for the 4wk course.

    I have heard that there is no PT test for Reserve Component officers in BOLC...is this true? (***NOTE: I know that there is definitely height/weight/PT standards for Active Duty BOLC, so please don't post here with that info!!) I heard this from one of the soldiers who attended last year and was surprised, I also noticed many of the comments by soldiers in this thread stated only a diagnostic was performed...so I'm looking for confirmation.

    I would LOVE to hear any experiences/wisdom/advice from any RESERVE COMPONENT (RC) Officers who have already attended the 2nd Phase of BOLC this year.

    Thank you very much!
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  7. by   Spencer68H
    Hi Scottlin,
    I completed the second phase of BOLC Reserve component (RC) in August of this year. As far as PT test, we all had to take one but before we started, we has to tell them if we wanted it to e diagnostic or record. RC soldiers who were interested in a leadership award had to take a record one. Other than that, it didn't matter. We did ht/wt on our first day there. Several ppl had to be taped. If they didn't pass, they were tapes again at the end of the class. Not sure what happened to the ones who didn't pass the second time around (as far as I know, everybody graduated)...
    Please let me know what other questions you have.
  8. by   williams84
    I know this thread is a little old, but I didn't want to make a brand new one if the information was helpful to other reservists. I am new to the Army Reserve. I have to go to BOLC, but my unit keeps trying to sign me up for the 7.5 week active duty course, on top of me completing Phase I (which I just finished today). I got the course info for the Reserve Component and the Nurse Track after. I think they assume that is what I will be attending. Anyone else ever have this issue? I just don't want to sit in a classroom and learn the same material all over again.

    Also, the class dates for the RC and the nurse track have a few days in between. If I end up doing these classes, is the hotel room my responsibility since I'm not technically enrolled in a class? Anyone have that problem?