Join as BSN or as MSN?

  1. I have searched and searched but I could not find if anyone has asked and answered this question... Would you suggest joining as a new grad or after attaining your MSN?

    I am a 19 year old sophomore and am considering going into navy or air force nursing sometime in my career. I already know that I want to get my masters degree and am considering CRNA school but have my eyes, ears and brain open in case something else sparks my interest .

    I am going to contact a medical recruiter but I just wanted to see if anyone had any input that they could give that a recruiter just can't!
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  3. by   LLLovely
    That depends. How long do you want to spend in the military? Can you afford to pay for your own grad degree? Are you sure you want an MSN that leads to advanced practice? Can you get an RN job directly out of school easily where you live?

    You are only 19 and a sophomore and really, you have a lot of time to think about this. Don't get locked into something now. Enjoy your time in school and soak up the learning, then relook it when you are beginning your senior year.

    Both nursing and the military can be a big commitment. I think it would be hard to make a final decision now and probably unwise in the long run.
  4. by   Delilah11
    Thank you LLLovely. I'm not making any decisions anytime soon, but was just curious as it is something that I am interested in.

    I am 100% sure that I want to be an advanced practice nurse. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the matter of whether to join before or after receiving a MSN.
  5. by   rndiver82
    Delilah11~You also need to take into consideration that by the time you are done, having your MSN will not be enough to have your practice. Many, if not all, programs for advanced practice nursing are going to a PhD requirement. Unless you decide on the education focus, you are going to have more schooling required and somewhere in there you need to work to get clinical experience.
  6. by   Delilah11
    Good point rndiver82! Are you a military nurse? If so, when did you commit?
  7. by   rndiver82

    I'm not military as of yet, but I am going up for my second AF nursing board in April, hoping that this time around there is an explanation given as to why I was not chosen. It's a mystery right now that is driving me nuts.

    If I am not chosen this next board, my husband is planning on re-enlisting with the Navy, has all his paperwork ready to go the minute we find anything out. Then I am going to get my MSN in education and probably do the Navy reserves, or active duty, not sure which on that end.

    The big reason I'm looking at the Navy over AF if I don't get chosen is the fact that on the Navy's website there is a listing for Nurse Education and Training Management, which are the routes I am ultimately taking. I have exactly zero desire to have get my NP due to all the political crap that is flung around (you quickly realize that it's got nothing to do with patient care and all about a ******* match), but I love, love, LOVE teaching the new grads I precept on my unit. I learn as much from them as I think (well, hope) they do from me and I would rather help build more confident new grads. Not to mention, I have met some very scary new grads with a BSN that I KNOW should know better. So why not help prevent something by being a great teacher than a practitioner which I don't want to do?
  8. by   aprilrazz
    With a BSN you will enter as an O-1. With a MSN you go in one rank higher(O-2, I.E. more pay). Now this is for the navy and may not be the same for other branches.
  9. by   Delilah11

    I like your attitude towards the education of future nurses! I completely can be book smart, but nursing really takes a person who is wise with items not found in a book (or information required far after the test is done).

    That is odd that you have no idea why you were not chosen. I hope you find out soon!

    Thank you, the navy particularly interests me