January COT

  1. So I just got my COT date - January 10! This is a little sooner than expected, but I'm glad to be getting on the ball with things. Any other nurses heading to Maxwell in January?

    In other news, my first assignment is to Travis AFB as a mental health nurse. My top picks were all in overseas, so I'm more than a little disappointed. But hey, this is the career I'm choosing, and I'm not going to let this little bump hold me back. And better Cali than Minot, ND, right?
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  3. by   aniko743
    I will be in the January class also. I am a new grad nurse and I will be at Eglin after my NTP.
  4. by   Ms, Tianah
    I will be at COT in January also. I am a new grad nurse going to Cincinnati for NTP, then headed to Langley AFB.
  5. by   bsnkaty
    Aniko I'm jealous of your spot at Eglin!! That was my first choice-- I got Keesler in Biloxi, it could be worse, but I was really hoping for the nice beaches What unit will you be on?

    I'm a new grad also, haven't started working as a nurse and CANNOT wait for NTP in Arizona. I'm so scared/nervous/excited about COT and NTP and starting my life in the AF!

    Aura- no worries! I've been working as a nurse tech with a license for 8 months and it's miserable!! I missed the October date and I'm so glad January is coming soon (EEEK!).

    Ok for real, somebody friend me on FB.

    Katy Batten
  6. by   tifbur14
    which katy batten are you??? There is more than one!
  7. by   bsnkaty
    No way! For real?!

    I just checked-- I had no idea!

    Ok, I'm the Katy Batten that's from University of West Ga and GCSU.
  8. by   bsnkaty
    Alright people-- We have a FB group (thanks to Tifbur)! Search for COT 11-02.
  9. by   aniko743
    I did send you a friend request but I guess it was the other person...lol I looked again but I still don't know which name to send the friend request. You can send me one to Aniko Molnar.
  10. by   aniko743
    I found our group on FB. Thank you for creating a group for us. I have a question about NTP. I will be going to Cincinnati for NTP and I have no clue what to bring or how does the whole thing works. Are we getting more info about NTP at COT or the recruiter supposed to tell us some details? I talked to him and he doesn't have any information about it. Just wondering if anybody knows more details about NTP.
  11. by   aura_of_laura
    Quote from bsnkaty
    Aniko I'm jealous of your spot at Eglin!! That was my first choice-- I got Keesler in Biloxi, it could be worse, but I was really hoping for the nice beaches What unit will you be on?
    Keesler's not too bad, or at least it wasn't 19 years ago (my dad was stationed there when I was a kid) - you're right next to the beach! I wonder how much it's been affected by all of the goings-on in the Gulf the last few years...
  12. by   bsnkaty
    You can definitely tell that it's been hit by Katrina...and the Oil Spill.. but they're working on it!! On the upside, a lot of the base is new because it had to be rebuilt after the hurricane! The hospital is great, the BX and Commissary are brand new and officer housing is really nice. I'm not complaining! Eglin's beaches are just better
  13. by   aniko743
    I will be starting out in med-surge and that's all I know. I am not sure when my sponsor supposed to contact me, maybe during NTP? I am still waiting for my orders and it feels like I am so overwhelmed. I hope I will have some more info soon.
  14. by   mobro
    if you're going to have a sponsor you should know who it is during COT- they should contact you before, hopefully, but maybe not. i'm currently at keesler and went through ntp in april of this year and never had a sponsor. no one else did that i went through ntp with either. just sayin'...you might not get one but you'll make it out alright anyway!