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So I just got my COT date - January 10! This is a little sooner than expected, but I'm glad to be getting on the ball with things. Any other nurses heading to Maxwell in January? In other news, my first assignment is to... Read More

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    I think it is normal to freak out a little. It is a major life change. Think of it as cold feet before getting married. lol.
    Though on a serious note, I had talked to a nurse on here before we went to COT. He expressed he had doubts, but I encouraged him and told him he was accepted and had a date, and to live it through! After all, it's only 4 years during which you'll get amazing experiences. He stayed and crazy as it was, he was in my flight at COT. He was miserable. He is still struggling with it. He told me he wished he'd followed that doubt. I have been very sad for him. However, I saw him in the hall at the hospital the other day and he was smiling! He was going to PALS. And I was so glad to see him smiling and really seem cheerful. Maybe the adjustment just took him longer. It can be a shock even when expecting it. I had days at COT where I was so upset and wondered why the heck I had walked away from my life for "this". But I've been in almost 7 months now. I've had great opportunities already! And I got my wish to deploy. I'm really happy with this choice. It was my dream. But it was still a hard adjustment. Expect that.

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    i dread the ropes..god I dread the ropes.. I am scared to death of heights! Strip me down naked in the middle of church and I will be okay, but do not put me 40 ft in the air on my own., COT will be what it is and I will endur...let me at all the educational experiences they offer... in two years I will apply to crna school or go overseas...bring it all on!! The unknown is my best frieend!! Lets rock!!
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    You will not believe what you can do!!
    I put on my ABU's and I can do things I never thought I could. I climbed up on a building without a ladder and scaled a wall I said I couldn't. But I tried and I did it.
    Choose your attitude!!! You can do it.
    Besides, the ropes course is simply one afternoon out of your life. and if you have tried your best and really can't do it, those instructors will either talk you through it or help you down.
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    what are the silver name tags for?
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    i ran a mile today in 12:50 why am I getting slower???
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    silver name tag is for your Blues coat.
    Everyday with exercise is a negotiation, I was told. lol. Just keep doing it. And increase that to 1.5 miles. Do intervals, where you push it hard for a minute than jog for 2min. Or run around a track - sprint the straight aways and jog the turns. It worked for me.
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    seriously, i was down to a 7 min mile then I had a bout of tendonitis....i recovered and regained my stride....then bronchitis and recovered... then shin splints....then and so on... it is a constant battle... i know when i am on the clock i will blaze it but in the meantime i stress....i bust my azz now and worry....truth is i run alone most of the time and the few times there is someone on the path i rip it.....i know i worry much and when i am under the gun i will wow....just an oldie worried about all the twenty somethings thinking i dont belong
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    FYI, I was one of the oldies with the concern about the 20 something kids. It was absolutely not a factor for me at COT. There is a wide variety of people with alot of different stories. I'm 42 (went through COT in May). I was not the oldest and by far not the least fit. And I was more prepared for the lack of sleep than the younger ones. lol. COT is not that physically difficult.
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    COT is all about the attitude you put into it. If you have a good attitude about it, you will enjoy your time there. If you are going to be miserable about going there, you will be miserable. It's as easy as that. Stay positive even when you are getting 4 hours of sleep and still have a million things left to do. Embrace all the physical activity that you are able to do there, it was my favorite part and wish we could have done more. Buy some 5 Hour Energy to take during lectures....you will need it. Sleeping during lectures is not an option. And listen the words of wisdom that mid has to impart upon all of us, she and carolina were my gurus for COT.
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    awww Luvbug thanks!
    I agree with choosing your attitude. That is the key with everything. I get to go kill myself at the gym this morning. I can be upset and hate it or I can rejoice in that I actually CAN do it.

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