January COT - page 3

So I just got my COT date - January 10! This is a little sooner than expected, but I'm glad to be getting on the ball with things. Any other nurses heading to Maxwell in January? In other news,... Read More

  1. by   Yammar
    seriously, i was down to a 7 min mile then I had a bout of tendonitis....i recovered and regained my stride....then bronchitis and recovered... then shin splints....then and so on... it is a constant battle... i know when i am on the clock i will blaze it but in the meantime i stress....i bust my azz now and worry....truth is i run alone most of the time and the few times there is someone on the path i rip it.....i know i worry much and when i am under the gun i will wow....just an oldie worried about all the twenty somethings thinking i dont belong
  2. by   midinphx
    FYI, I was one of the oldies with the concern about the 20 something kids. It was absolutely not a factor for me at COT. There is a wide variety of people with alot of different stories. I'm 42 (went through COT in May). I was not the oldest and by far not the least fit. And I was more prepared for the lack of sleep than the younger ones. lol. COT is not that physically difficult.
  3. by   luvbug080688
    COT is all about the attitude you put into it. If you have a good attitude about it, you will enjoy your time there. If you are going to be miserable about going there, you will be miserable. It's as easy as that. Stay positive even when you are getting 4 hours of sleep and still have a million things left to do. Embrace all the physical activity that you are able to do there, it was my favorite part and wish we could have done more. Buy some 5 Hour Energy to take during lectures....you will need it. Sleeping during lectures is not an option. And listen the words of wisdom that mid has to impart upon all of us, she and carolina were my gurus for COT.
  4. by   midinphx
    awww Luvbug thanks!
    I agree with choosing your attitude. That is the key with everything. I get to go kill myself at the gym this morning. I can be upset and hate it or I can rejoice in that I actually CAN do it.