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Hello everyone- I am currently taking my prereqs to get into nursing school and will be done by next year. I am interested in the HPSP scholarship program and wonder when I should apply to get the ball rolling. I plan on... Read More

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    It extends a bit past my elbow but my arm is not completely covered. The program will allow me to get either an FNP or my RN in ambulatory care. I haven't decided yet. I sent pics of my tattoo to one recruiter he asked for them. But he's stationed in hawaii I live in southern california

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    Sorry to say it, but if it's onto your forearm and covers more than 25%, it might well keep you out of the Air Force. Let us know what the other recruiter says. Good luck!
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    I spoke with a recruiter in hawaii and showed him my tattoo and he said it looks like he will let me in.

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