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Hi everyone! I've gotten conflicting answers so I thought I'd try to get a few more ;) I am seriously debating about finishing my BSN and getting commissioned but, I'll be about 35 or 36 by the time I can do so. I have tried... Read More

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    From what I understand you can come into any service in the medical field upto the age of 42 without prior service. This is because you must be able to complete 20 years of service (retirement) before the manditory retirement age of 62.
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    Jeckrn is correct. Also if you are less than 6 months until 40 or 40 and over there are more requirements to pass MEPS.
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    Thanks everyone! Yes, I plan on getting my BSN no matter what but if I wasn't going to try to go Officer, I was going to get my ADN then do a bridge program.

    I'm finishing up an associates in psychology currently and will graduate before we head back to the states from the UK so since i'm 90% sure I want to join (leaning towards USAF just b/c of my husband), I was just going to do a BSN program when we get back to the states instead of the other so that it wouldn't take as long. If all goes as planned, I should graduate with my BSN by or around the time I turn 35.

    Thanks again! I REALLY appreciate all the help!!
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    Getting in at 35 with a BSN might not be a problem. Once you hit 40 yrs old, they do an "over-40 physical" on you and the medical scrutiny gets a little tighter. In any case, you can't be on ANY medications of any kind to join the service. They will check your cholesterol and give you an ECG as well. At least this is what they told me. If you can get in before 40, that would be best. If you have to wait until 40 or older, the medical screen is tighter and your chances get a little slimmer.
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    It took 2 months for me to get approval from MEPS due to the scrutiny for over 40. I had to have a pap smear and Mammo.

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