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  1. "the u.s. army graduate program in anesthesia nursing, or usagpan, is pleased to announce that the university of texas nurse anesthesia program board has met, and has accepted 37 army applicants for the fy 07 nurse anesthesia class. what this means to all the bright, motivated nurse corps officers that are reading this, and their supervisors, is that there will be a second board held by ut sometime in january 2006. the usagpan army student capacity is 44 students. so, there are 7 additional slots that need to be filled by qualified applicants. the usagpan program and the army nurse corps leadership acknowledge that trying to submit a packet from iraq or other forward deployed locations is difficult. this second board provides a well deserved opportunity for additional applicants to get their packets in and compete for a seat in one of the best nurse anesthesia programs in the nation.

    when meeting with officers attending the captains career course, it was brought to our attention that there are some misconceptions about applying to and being a student in the usagpan program. the first is that you have to work in an icu, or be an 8a to apply to our program. this is false. active duty army nurse corps officers that work in an acute care setting, including the wards, labor and delivery, the post-anesthesia care unit, etc. can all apply. your chief nurses, in conjunction with the department of nursing science at ft. sam houston, will arrange appropriate clinical experiences to help you gain the knowledge and experience you'll need to succeed in our program"

    there are 7 slots still open for next year if anyone is interested.

    pm me if you want my information or goto for more information. i can give information on how to do an interservice transfer as well.

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  3. by   Corvette Guy
    Now, I know where you got your info. I just read same in the Army Nurse Corps Newsletter, Oct. 05 edition. I wish HRC would give me a call with some details, if you know what I mean. :wink2: