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    I've been reading through different threads and saw that some of you talked about taking an exam. I recently applied as a new grad nurse, I graduated last August with a 3.78 gpa and just haven't been able to find that job yet. Anyways, I recently had my phone interview with the Chief Nurse and my application, LOR's, and completed packet have been submitted but my recruiter told me that I don't need to take a qualifying exam. Anyways, does anyone know what the exam is about? Also, does anyone know someone or have been in a situation where someone applied for the USAF nurse corps but didn't make it in? What was that reason? I'm so worried because I've almost hit the one-year mark and still don't have a job. And before anyone says anything about that, I'm a new grad with two state licenses, I just have rotten luck I guess.

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    Getting into any branch right now is extremely difficult, especially as a new grad. The military is drawing down and cutting back on intake. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't count on it.

    I took the ASVAB before joining the army, but that was just some nonsense that someone somewhere wanted me to do. I'm not sure what exam they're referring to.
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    I got really commissioned as an AF officer... though I won't start COT til August. I didn't have to take any tests aside from Physical (medical) exams. I believe it's the same process for new grads too.
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    I mean I got commissioned...

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