FY 2012 Air Force Medical Programs Statement - page 2

fy 2012 air force medical programs statement presented by maj. gen kimberly siniscalchi from april 6, 2011 to the senate appropriations committee highlights about force development: our nurse transition... Read More

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    Hey Texas-

    I enjoy England. It's not as busy as Lackland would be obviously, but I like it here. I can give you a more in-depth view on it via e-mail or PM if you would like to do that. Feel free to e-mail me at my screen name at yahoo.com : ) It may take me a few days to reply though since I am going on vaca. Ha.

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    Awesome thank you so much!! I will email you soon! Enjoy your vacation
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    i am back : ) ha. so whenever you want to chat. or if you have facebook or whatever works best for you. let me know!

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