Day to Day military nursing

  1. I am currently working on my BSN, I've been an RN for 4 years now. I am attempting to get my BSN so I am able to apply to the USAF Reserves. I work on a med-surg unit currently. I was curious if and when I join. And if and when I get deployed what should I expect as a day to day life. Wake up get ready... go to work in a hospital type setting...? or does it more or less depend where you get deployed to? In the middle of a desert in a tent outside made into a hospital (dont know the abbreviations for the appropriate name for this portable hospital). Are you taking care of injuried soldiers? Is it mostly paperwork? Is it actual paper or did they go to a computer system? what do they try to keep the ratio at and how critic are some of your patients. Obviously these questions vary to the type of Nurse you are whether a flight nurse or a med-surg... yada yada. that and from reading previous articles these past months i seem to come to the conclusion you get ranked based on your exp. I have been a RN for 4 years. divide that by 2 due to it being civilian nursing i would go into a rank of 1st lt. of course it would have to be granted though. But does all my years working with my AAS count or only years of exp. after i aquire my BSn count? any info would help. Thanks.
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