COT 10-05

  1. Hi all,

    I might be a little late in joining all this (let me know) but just seeing if there is anyone out there going to the 28 June COT...just wanted to get a group/conversation going.
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  3. by   TennesseeNP
    I'll be there!
  4. by   dolphins00
    Hey there, I have just gotten a spot that became available last minute and will now be joining you two in just two weeks!! I would like to say that I am freaking out!! I was suppose to go to COT in March of next year. I have not been working out, running, or anything. Me and running are not friends and I am so worried that I am going to be a mess. I don't know if you can out right fail COT but if you can, that makes me worried. Also alabama in July it's usually over 100 degrees every day so I have a feeling it is going to miserably hot while we are there. I am thankful that I got an early spot but kinda scared. All this has happened so suddenly for me. I have just two weeks to get everything together. How are you guys feeling??
  5. by   TennesseeNP
    I have many of the same concerns you do, dolphins00. The heat + humidity + polyester, unbreathable uniforms isn't going to be super fun. From my understanding it's pretty hard to flat out fail COT. Even if you fail the first PT test, it's the 2nd one that counts. You'll have a couple of weeks of group PT and individual workouts (if you can find the time) to get in shape. It rained today, and though the humidity is high there is a breeze and the temp dropped a little. It'll be interesting! Best of luck to you both tomorrow!