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My husband is a pilot in the AF, and we are surely going to be stationed overseas in the next year or two. We will probably relocate to Germany or Okinawa. I graduate this May (2006) with my BSN. I already am a nurse partner... Read More

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    Hi. My husband is AF and we are stationed at Spangdahlem AB. If you are looking to work as a nurse this is not the base for it unfortantely. I have heard of nurses here being able to only work volunteer with the ARC on base unfortantely. It is a lovely area and the base housing is alright (though it is Stairwell living which stinks). If you need any more info about this base I'd be happy to help. I would say that you might have better chance if you get stationed near Lanstahul perhaps...or Ramstein. We have a very tiny base hospital at Spang (actually right now located on the Bitburg Annex) and then the clinics. I've only ever seen military nurses staffing..but I could be wrong about that!

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    When we were stationed in Germany, I worked as a school nurse for DoDDS. I also had a friend that worked at the base clinic as a contract nurse, but was only paid $10/hr and basically did MA work. Many nurses volunteered for the Red Cross. Germany is a different kind of place. Looking back, I'm so glad I went but I probably didn't appreciate it the way I should have. It bothered me to be told where to live. It bothered me to buy gas coupons. It bothered me to stand in line to pay the phone bill. It bothered me to drive to the mailbox on base. Everything takes more time and you probably won't be as bored if you don't work there. When in Korea , I worked at a bank. Life is very different overseas. You don't have the same choices you have in the US, but the experience is great. My husband is now retiring after 20 years and there are some things I will miss about the military.:hatparty:
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    Hi there! This is my situation RIGHT NOW! I am a new graduate (december 2005) with my BSN. We moved to Bamberg Germany in June. Before we left I applied for Dodds school nursing, but there was not an opening. So, when I got into town, I went to visit the clinic on post (there was never anything listed on cpol). Anyway, I got the ok to start the process in order to be a volunteer. (It is true that you need one full year of RN 14 years of LPN experience didn't count for ANYTHING!). However, there is a new program that RN's without experience can be hired on the GS 5-7-9 check into that. Kind of like a 'nurse trainee' for a year or so. (I had 5 months experience as a RN before we came here but that doesn't really count either since it wasn't a full year) Anyway, from June until this month, I have been volunteering through the Red Cross at the health clinic. But it is ok because I am still obviously learning a lot and am able to set my own schedule. Now they are thinking of offering me a part time job through the GS 5-7-9 program. We'll see what happens.
    Good luck to you.
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    Hi, we just came back from Germany, it's a good thing you are finishing up stateside b/c there isn't a way to complete an ADN/BSN overseas. That's why I had to put off school for 3 yrs. As for jobs, there are positions available, you just have to actively look for them. A friend of mine got a wonderful position in the ICU through volunteering, so you may want to keep an open mind. They made a specific position for her b/c she got to know the right people. Volunteering with the Red Cross could give you something to put on a resume and get you familiar with the hospital. Landstuhl was a giant hospital, I don't know much about Okinawa. There were also positions like school nurse, where the "nurse" was actually a RN, so that's an option too. Good luck, and enjoy Europe or the Pacific. I am missing it more everyday! One more thing, try to let some of the host nation language, it'll make you're life so much easier!


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