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Civilian RN jobs in overseas military hospitals? - page 2

My husband is a pilot in the AF, and we are surely going to be stationed overseas in the next year or two. We will probably relocate to Germany or Okinawa. I graduate this May (2006) with my BSN. ... Read More

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    Hi, we just came back from Germany, it's a good thing you are finishing up stateside b/c there isn't a way to complete an ADN/BSN overseas. That's why I had to put off school for 3 yrs. As for jobs, there are positions available, you just have to actively look for them. A friend of mine got a wonderful position in the ICU through volunteering, so you may want to keep an open mind. They made a specific position for her b/c she got to know the right people. Volunteering with the Red Cross could give you something to put on a resume and get you familiar with the hospital. Landstuhl was a giant hospital, I don't know much about Okinawa. There were also positions like school nurse, where the "nurse" was actually a RN, so that's an option too. Good luck, and enjoy Europe or the Pacific. I am missing it more everyday! One more thing, try to let some of the host nation language, it'll make you're life so much easier!