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  1. I'm interested in possibly joining the Army Reserve Nurse Corps (IMA program) after I graduate from my BSN program in 2007. It seems like a few of you know quite a bit about the Army reserves, so I thought I'd post some of my questions here:

    1. In the IMA program, is it true that you are assigned to back-fill a hospital when other active or TPU reserve troops are sent overseas? Do IMA reservists ever deploy overseas? Do they have a choice when they commission?
    2. I see on the website that the Army will pay off $20,000 in student loans per year. Does anyone know how accurate this statement is? How many years do they require you to serve in the reserves for utilizing loan repayment?
    3. I also noticed they offer a $5,000/year bonus for some critical-need nurses. Do they make you join for extra years if you accept the bonus?
    4. With the IMA program, how flexible is the Army at scheduling your IDT days and 2-week tour?
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  3. by   chocokitten
    I have the same questions as you do, so I am bumping this. Hopefully someone can answer this for us