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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

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    yeah the recruiter told my wife via email, that at the most we would know by next friday, but almost certainly sooner. I heard some good news, that almost all alternates from every year end up geting picked up. so even if you are an alternate, you still have a great chance of getting in,

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    oh wow that is good news! do you by any chance know how many they choose as alternates? I also want to know how many applied! haha
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    I do know know either, From what I heard around it seems like 6-10 ten people from each region applied, which from what i know isnt much.
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    This waiting game is so difficult. The board met all week last week, and today I hope are celebrating today as it is the day they recognize Veteran's Day........HOWEVER, anxiously awaiting results. Has anyone heard WHEN they anticipate hearing back from anyone? If you havent, has anyone applied in the past----two years ago it took 4 weeks to hear back And this year I know the numbers they are taking are SUBSTANTIALLY less....
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    how many regions are there?
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    I would like to just vent for a minute. Why do I hear from my recuiter last week............burning my phone up no less on Monday and tell me that my packet went to quality control and came back that they needed something from my malpractice insurance company stating that I didn't have any claims. If I didn't get this done by Tuesday, my packet would not be reviewed. Wow, two years of work comes down to this!!!!!!! I confirmed that it was faxed and called my recruiters twice. No call, no email and its been a week. I have no idea if my packet went. I am hoping that no news is good news. I am just ready to know either way so I can move forward. Will it be this week??? Also after I passed my physical, they had me sign somthing saying I would do 6 sixs and they are giving me the loan repayment for one three year period and a bonus for the other 3 year period. Am I going to see a final version of some sort of contract before I am sworn in??? This whole process is so confusing.
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    I'm sorry Ana! Something like that happened to me too and I think everything was resolved but it was definitely last minute! Today is the first day we are supposed to hear back from the board... has anyone heard anything!?!??! Ahh dying over here! GL everyone!!
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    Hi Ana,

    You are absolutely correct about the lengthy process. They usually do have some callouts at the last minute. I had the same issue. Two of the papers came back stating it need some adjustments. I send it back to them and Friday was the last day for the packet to be ready. But my packet status (as per my recruiter) said it was still at board QC, which basically means its being reviewed and not board ready. I spend like a year for all this process. And I had that constant thinking what if my packet is not board ready. But i found out after November 5th that my packet was board ready. So hang in there. Now if i get selected, that awesome if not i will just be satisfied that i tried. Like everyone else, i am waiting to hear back the result too. This waiting game is taking too long. Good luck to you.
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    Just spoke to my wifes recruiter. She said, that her status still says "pending board approval", and that she should know something by friday. I am sure it doesnt help anyone at all, but at leasst you know others arent already being told they are in lol.

    She actually sent this in an email as well.
    "Nothing has been put out to anyone all applicants are at the same "Pending Results"

    So we all know, that noone knows a thing yet lol.
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    Reading through all these posts made me realize just how many others were going through the exact same thing over the last few months. I put my packet in for the Nov 5 board. My packet too was put in at the 11th hour due to QC issues. The week before there was a hangup regarding my CV review being stuck somewhere. The paperwork is horrible, I think they use it to weed people out.

    Anyways, I got into Northeastern's CRNA program and I am awaiting word on whether I got one of the direct commission slots (they have a guarantee of 10 this year but will allow more in depending on the needs of the Army/mission). I was apporved for a commission, if I would like it regardless of getting into the USAGPAN program.

    I would like to know if anyone out there knows anything regarding constructive credit. I was given 3 years, 10 days constructive credit and I would come in as a 1LT. What does this mean for my timeline for promotion to CPT? If I was given an additional 1/2 year, I would have come in as a CPT so does that mean I would need 1/2 year active duty time to make CPT?

    - Bob

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