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Hello allnurses, Thanks in advance for your help! I graduated in January with a BSN in nursing. Like many new grads, I'm facing serious hiring freezes while in debt over $100k! Recently, I've been looking into the Army nurse... Read More

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    You are off to a great start. Yes, you can have many benefits from the military, it just depends on your specialty. I had years in Peds BMT, Adult Med Surg and ICU. When I joined the Air Force Reserve, I was commissioned as a 1LT promotable. I made Captain in one year! I was prior service Army (although my job in the Army had nothing to do with being a Nurse). I left the Nurse Corps after a few years in the Air Force and returned to the Army for deployment into the combat zone. Now I want to get back into the Nurse Corps but the field is swamped and the recruiters are not working hard to get the older RNs into service. You will have to work hard to get them to look at you now. You will have to attend a Nurse Corps OCS, take a physical fitness test and then you go to your first duty station. Then there are the deployments which are what you make of them. Don't worry, its all good, especially if you are young. You will enjoy it if you can get the recruiter to do your paperwork. Right now they will not even recognize prior service and years of experience. Good luck!

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    You wasted all those characters and added absolutely no value to this forum topic.
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    Quote from just_cause
    I wonder what a person had in mind when accumulating 100k in loans to get a BSN. I'm sure its a touching subject to that individual but I can't help but wonder what drove a person to do that thinking it was the best decision and now in a bind looks to the military as a parachute out.
    You wasted all those characters and added absolutely no value to this forum topic!

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