Army BOLC Dates FY 2013?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I commission in May this year and have an extremely high probablity of Gold Bar Recruiting through ROTC ( Im a graduating nursing cadet). Does anyone know the BOLC dates for FY 2013? It would be a great help. I know I will be going off between July and October. Thanks!

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  3. by   ncox1
    My squad leader who is in the AMEDD STU DET (student detachment) told me that there is a JUL 15th and the next one was in OCT. I will be finishing in MAY as well (I'm in the AECP program). As long as I pass the NCLEX in MAY I will be slotted for the JUL date so you might be in the same boat. I'm not sure what the OCT date is but I'm sure you could find it somewhere on the internet???
  4. by   ajb50402
    As far as our school goes I wont be able to take the NCLEX until the first week of June. WHich means I won't get my orders until the first or second week of JUNE (48 hours for official word from NCLEX boards, and time for orders to process). DO you still think I'll go in JUL then? Thanks for the info!

    PS- As soon as I find out my BOLC date I will let you know. That way if we go at the same time, we know someone. Thanks!

  5. by   ncox1
    I'm in the same boat. Graduate on MAY 10th and won't be able to take the NCLEX till about the same time. Will keep you posted, probably will be in the same class. All's we can do is pass the NCLEX and see if they can fit us in. If not then wait till OCT...

  6. by   ajb50402
    I just talked to our Briagde Nurse and she said we had a say in our BOLC dates. It'll be kinda hard getting into the July one because everyone wants that one to get on active duty ASAp. I think I will be shooting for the August date. Good luck and look forward to running into you in the Nurse Corps.
  7. by   ncox1
    I hear you. Not sure how I fit in cause I am already active duty doing the Army Enlisted Commissioning Program. I'm attached to the Student Detachment who is in-charge of the BOLC program and my squad leader kind of alluded to the JUL as long as I pass my NCLEX. Take it with a grain of salt though, one thing I have learned with 9 years active is don't believe it till it's either in writing or your actually there doing it...
  8. by   ashleyhenson91
    I'm supposed to be going into the Aug 25th BOLC class in about a month, did you ever find out which class you're in?
  9. by   ncox1
    JULY 15th but report on the 10th (tomorrow). Through this website hooked up with another AECP Soldier who will be driving through Houston tomorrow on the way there. Will pick me up tomorrow morning then we should be in San Antonio by the afternoon.