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  1. Okay i'm pretty much dead set on the military, i just haven't decided which branch is truely right for me, so i'm considering all of them at this point. I talked with a Army healthcare recruiter today about nursing careers in the Army. What i was informed is that it is required 2 years of RN experience to be commissioned as a Army Nurse. But he said i could bypass that by doing ROTC while i'm in school? Is that true? If so is that the same for the Air Force? Can i do AFROTC and graduate from my BSN nursing program and go right into the Air Force as a nurse?


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  3. by   rndiver82
    I can only speak of what I know about the AF process. I am heading to COT next week as a direct commission, but what I understand is this: if you do an AFROTC program, you are considered to be in the AF upon completion of your schooling and passing your boards and, of course, MEPS. Meaning you wouldn't have to go through the application process like I did, you would have a spot at COT waiting for you. You would come out of COT as either a 2nd or 1st Leut., it depends on how much credit you are awarded. If you have zero nursing experience upon entering, you go from COT to the Nurse Transition Program (NTP) which has a few different locations to get nursing experience before reporting to your base. Since I have experience, I'm going from COT to Lackland, but will be working at the San Antonio Military Medical Center on Fort Sam Houston (ARMY base).

    As I understand it, the ARMY has a 2yr experience requirement prior to entering. And that is 2 years WITH your BSN. They do not credit any previous experience with your ASN, nor does the NAVY. The AF credited me for my 7 years of experience as an ER nurse, though this may be because ER is grouped with their critical care pool, and one week after clearing COT I will be able to rank up to Captain. I have heard some recruits did not get credited for past experience, that only time practicing with a BSN counted. So my recommendation: get that in writing and triple clarify!
  4. by   rndiver82
    Forgot to add, NAVY requires at least 90 days experience with your BSN before they will even start your packet. At least that was my experience.

    Any way you choose, talk with a Health Care Professional Recruiter, and make sure they are this distinction. Otherwise you will find yourself as an enlisted airman which is a WHOLE different ball of wax!

    Good luck in your quest and be VERY patient. I had to apply twice before I was chose. Make sure you have current certifications, get good grades and try to log some volunteer hours any way you can. It all impacts your packet, no matter how insignificant you may think. The whole process for me took 19 LONG months, but now that I'm finally going, I could not be more excited and humbled, which is an odd combo.