Air Force NTP Boards July 2013

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    Hi all! Just turned in my packet and finished my telephone interview for the boards in July. A little about myself; I am going into my senior year of a BSN program and will graduate in May 2014. My current GPA is 3.49. I'm prior service Air Force(4 years). I have worked in the ER for the last 13 months as a Clinical Assistant(basic CNA stuff, but we can do phlebotomy, EKGs, and Bladder Scans). My references were two doctors(O-6(sel) in the Navy Reserve and a O-4 in the ANG) and a NP(Ret. O-4 Army reserve), I'm not really sure how much weight they will carry in the actual boards process.

    For anyone that is wondering, the telephone interview followed the format that your recruiter should provide you with. It started out just by introducing yourself and since I was prior service my interviewer skipped over the part about informing me about the military since I have already been in. Then she just asked me questions about critical thinking, evidence based practice, and an ethical dilemma I have faced. The interview was pretty straight forward and not much at all like an interview. She went on to ask about my future goals and how I'd be a good fit for the Air Force. It pretty much followed the guideline that my recruiter gave me to a tee. Now I just have the long two month wait of seeing if I am selected or not!

    Good luck to everyone else applying!

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    I am applying for the FY2014 NTP board as well. I recently completed my interview and my packet is board ready! Good luck!
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    I applied too!! My phone interview didn't go that way at all. Now I'm even more devastated. I have absolutely no medical or military background (other than school clinical's) and she seemed put-off by the fact that I've had my license for almost a year with no nursing job. Instead, we talked about why I chose the Air Force, volunteer experience, and my long-term professional goals. My GPA was a 3.78 so I hope that gives me a little boost. Ugh. This is the longest wait EVER.
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    I applied as well. I applied last year and got on the alternate list... I'm hoping this year will be better. I got better and more letters of reference, updated my resume and added more details, and I hope the interview went well. The CN a Travis AFB is incredibly laid back and did more of a personality style interview, which kind of freaks me out, but he was a nice guy, so I don't think he would write anything bad (I hope).

    Now time to play the waiting game... again!
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    Round 2 for me as well. If I do not get selected I plan on just heading to school for my Master's. Maybe getting picked up with HSPS. I will get in the Air Force!
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    How are you all doing with the waiting? I can't help but think of it all the time. I honestly don't know what I am going to do if I don't get in. My recruiter told me though that most people get accepted (not sure how true that is!) so I can't help but be hopeful.
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    I was accepted as an alternate last year...I started as number 18 and by the end I was number 3 or 4...I graduated from school May 2013...I was glad to be distracted with my senior year of school but now that I am reapplying, all I can do is wait and stay positive!
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    What a bummer, SN2013! You were so close! I've been out of school for a little under a year and I would have applied last year but I was pregnant and the recruiters told me that I wouldn't be accepted in since I wouldn't be able to complete COT if I was pregnant and I would have to wait until after my baby was a little older as well. I wish I knew how many apply and how many get in. It would give me a sense of calm to know that but no one knows unfortunately.
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    SN2013 - I ended up as #9 on the waiting list! We were so close!!!

    mestrela - My recruiter told me they are accepting 30 this year, a little less than last year (which was 35 I believe). I think about 300 applications get in... Just a guess. My recruiter for Northern California/Parts of Nevada only turned in about 10 applications for that whole area.
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    Did you guys apply for med-surg or OB?

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