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Can someone please tell the age limit for nurses in the navy and air force? I turn 41 in a couple of days here. Thanks, Kevin... Read More

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    Quote from oaktown2
    It is interesting that the cutoff does seem to change. Previously I had always heard 47, now 46, the link OHSUBSN05 posted says 48 (though it does add that it varies on the field). But what everyone does seem to agree on is that it is extremely competitive. I would just find a recruiter who is willing to work with you and get things going asap and hope for the best. That said, I have read stories of people who have made it all the way to the selection boards only to be told that they are too old.
    Yes, it is very interesting how information is different from recruiter to recruiter. I always though the AF rules are universal for any geographic location.
    Anyway, I will be meeting with Denver recruiter in August, let you all know. If it will not work, there are always different options as reserve, guard, or even working for AF as civilian.

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    Quote from OHSUBSN05
    Hey guys, I wrote my recruiter who specializes in the AF Nurse Corps out of Los Angeles.
    I told her I had heard that there was a halt on age waivers and that I did not realize the process was so
    long. I graduate in Aug with my Masters and this is what she had to say:


    Things are very competitive right now and that may be an understatement. An
    application is taking from 6-12 months to complete at this time and if you
    graduate in 2012, you may be looking at a 2013 COT date. Don't worry about
    the age because the cutoff is 46 yrs at this time. Not sure where you got
    42. But if your ultimate goal is to join the Air Force, I would suggest you
    get the ball rolling because nothing is guaranteed and you can't predict the
    road blocks you may encounter.

    I attached the application so send it back to me once it is 100% complete
    and I will make you and initial appointment at the office in Los Angeles.

    So do the recruiters get different information?
    Sometimes recruiters will tell you what policy is and others will tell you how things are working at that time. Both are correct but in different ways. I will give you an example of this. When I was exploring which service I would return to active duty a few years ago I ended up speaking with 2 different recruiters. Here is there response to a question about needing a master degree to be promoted to Major. One recruiter told me no you do not need a master degree to be promoted. The other stated you do not need one, but you will not be picked up for Major unless you have one. Both are right, one just stated how things were working at that time and the other what the regulations stated.

    The reason that you need to be commissoned by 42 is because the mandatory retirement age for the military is 62, which of course is waiverable but like every waiver it might or might not be approved depending on the needs of the service at that time.
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    What's the age cut off for reserves? I recently read that it was lowered, but I wasn't clear if that was for healthcare or not. Though again, I suppose it all depends on the current needs.
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    The age limit is the same for reserves and active, but one might give out age waivers and the other one might not. You said it right it all depends on the needs at that time.
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    JECKRN! Thank you for information!
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    Anyone know if being older than 42 but having enough prior service time as a commissioned officer to retire before age 62 still requires a waiver?
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    You will need to speak with a healthcare recruiter on that. I do know that prior service is taken off your age.
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    Quote from midinphx
    I came in at 42. The rules are different for RN's than other areas. You actually have up to 47 with waivers. Problem is the competition for few slots is fierce.
    Hello...I'm responding to your post because I'm currently looking into a career in the Airforce as a nurse. I'm also 42. Could you please elaborate a little more on your experience from start to finish.
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    Quote from nurse2033
    It took them 14 months, and a friend 20 months to get processed into the Air National Guard (earlier this year). Get going... And by the way I know the Air Force, for nurses, to be 47. I was 44 when I applied and 46 when I entered.
    Hello nurse2033....I'm currently in the process of pursuing a nursing career in the Airforce. I spoke with a recruiter last week, I'm also 42. Can you tell me how your process went and how things are currently going? Thanks in advace.
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    I am using Los Angeles also. My recruiter is not very pleasent. Can you PM me and tell me which one you have.

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