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Hello all! I am new to this site so if I somehow screwed up the search function and there is already a thread on this (I could not find one) please let me know! :) I was accepted into AECP FY2012 and was wondering if anyone... Read More

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    hope this helps:

    does anybody know what the board is looking for in their evaluation of the application?

    a big factor is acceptance to a accredited school of nursing the meets the tuition cap of $9k/year

    are they only accepting applications from 68w or other 68 series mos or can other mos that have not been working in the medical field apply?

    no, i was accepted for fy 2010 an dthere were many different mos accepted, though a majority of the were 68 field.

    do you have to have been deployed?

    no, i first applied for fy 2009, and was accepted as an alternate, due to the fact that i still had classes in progress when the packet was submitted in january to meet the feb. 1 deadline. i was then deployed and applied yet again, and got accepted this time, but no deployment is not t prerequisite. if you look on the facebook site, you will notice that of the 8 aecp folks being sworn in for he march 2012 class at least 2 have no combat patches.

    how many soldiers are selected each year, because it states that you can be selected as an alternate?

    it varies each year, based on the needs of the army. with the recession though, it is getting less and less. when i wanted to apply in fy2008 (they wouldn't allow me as i was still in ait) there was a little over 90 accepted, then fy 2009 50-something, then fy2010 i believe it was only 39.

    where do you get a letter of recommendation from a chief nurse if you are not near an mtf and have never served with a chief nurse that would know of my qualifications for the program?

    this leaves me wondering, are you enlisted active duty? reserves? maybe your civilian facility head nurse can fill it out? or your military boss other than a nurse if you are a different mos? need more info here please.

    do you have to be within 50 or 100 miles what ever it is to an army mtf or can you be near other military branches mtf like the marines for instances at camp pendelton or do you need to be accepted at a school that is close to an army mtf?

    any school that is accredited and meets the $9k tuition cap. i was sent a list of 327 schools when i requested it in 2007. i can send it to you if you'd like. just keep in mind the list is 5 years old and that tuition rates may have gone up and exceeded the cap or they may have lost accreditation since then.

    do you get accepted to a school first and then apply for aecp, because if you get accepted to a school and then have to wait for the aecp board to decide if you are accepted before you start school you may lose your spot at the school if you wait to start school until the board decides if you are acccepted or not?
    this is one of the frustrating parts. you really need to be accepted, that is one of the hardest parts, as it is so hard to get into nursing school due to shortage of spots. i was accepted, then had to ask them to hold my spot (and pay a fee, of course) for the next year since i was only an alternate (fy2009) by the time the list came out in july and i had just completed the last pre-reqs earlier that may, bu tthe packet had to be submitted in january. then i got deployed, so that put it off a year. just be patient & persistent. if you can just get into a school, are not a dirtbag with njp's, and pass pt/rifle, you should be good.

    it seems like a very lengthy process with a lot of red tape, if any one could help me out with the above questions and go through how they went through the process and what their qualifications were, what mos they had, what type of letter of recommendations did they use and who wrote them. thank you for any information that anyone may offer me.

    it is a lengthy process, i started trying in 2007....but i will finally graduate dec 2012 and head to bolc. you may email me with any other questions. good luck!


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    Congratulations!! Good luck with school.
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    Congratulations on acceptance!

    FY2010 here, graduating in December 2012. They just started a facebook site!/ameddstudentdetachment

    All I can offer in the way of advice is get your DA2125 submitted each semester within 10 days, your annual AER, and PT test every April/October. Good luck and I'll see you out there someday!
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    "I was just reading through the AECP student detachment handbook and feel a little overwhelmed. I was mistaken to the think that all this paperwork would be over when I completed my post packet. Looks like I will be a one man HR office till I am done with school. It seems the most overwhelming part is the in-processing. There are so many offices to report to. Any words of advice or comments on past experiences would be welcome."

    Welcome, y felicidades!

    It IS a lot of paperwork at first! I just made a binder to keep the ASD (AMEDD Student Detachment) handbook in, and also to keep track of all the paperwork I submit. It will get better after the first semester! I keep a copy of the DA2125 on my desktop, and then each semester I just update it with the grades and next semester of classes. Then there is the annual AER and the PT tests in Apr./Oct. A good scanner/printer/fax machine will save you a lot of hassle if you can afford it. If you send them an email request, they will also send you a CAC card reader at no cost. I'm jealous, you are lucky to be in DC...for your summer assignment (if you don't have summer classes) you can request to go TDY at Bethesda, that would be a good experience. Also, DC probably has some awesome salsa clubs....which is just as well for me here at ECU, cause it might distract me from studying, lol. Oh, and they just started a facebook site. I put it in my reply to the original poster.
    Good luck (buena suerte) with school!

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