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I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this process. I am looking for... Read More

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    As people pointed out the POC (that is SFC McDavitt) for the program is a great resource and very helpful. I found that emailing her and a Mr Ward (when she took too long to answer) were most helpful. ALSO, most programs that meet the tough requirements of the program ARE aware of the program: so the easiest thing is to ask the POC from X school if they are aware of the AECP. Thats what I did and found a couple in another city close to where I am at. I guess that would be another clue: look for schools near army posts.

    shmegan: I will loook the group up to keep in touch for sure and also, about the payiments I talked to the SFC and she said that should be taken care of BUT if the deadline for payment aproaches and it has not then we contact Major Campbell (I have his number saved). Do you start in January?

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    by the way sorry for the horrible spelling but I am in a hurry and have been meaning to reply for a while! good luck and congrats to all!
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    Thanks for the info. I am planing on putting my packet in in '15 or '16. I have looked at Austin Peay, I like it because it is close to home. I am from Memphis. Could you tell me other schools that you looked into that meet the criteria?
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    Felt like I should chime in here. I am an AECP Soldier in Houston right now scheduled to grad in MAY (just finishing up my 3rd term now). The Army really makes you jump through hoops to get this program, took me years to get where I am. One thing that I really underestimate was how difficult the nursing school was actually going to be! It seems like you spend all this time getting your packet together and then you say to yourself "no way I'm going to mess this thing up". Then you get to school and think "what did I get myself into?" Just don't underestimate the school you apply to, but believe me it's worth it. In a couple of weeks I will be in my last term and truly school has change me. Don't come in cocky either if you have a medical background (like a 68W). That will help you like for the first couple weeks then your just like the rest, lost.

    Another word of advice, find something to do to keep your PT up. I personally choose local mud runs. I do one every couple months cause it keeps me focused on a goal to train for and it's actually fun. You will need some sort of outlet to help you with the stress of school. Find something like a local cross fit gym or whatever gets you going and commit cause remember your still s Soldier. I have watched about 80% of my class gain weight from the long hours of studying and stress, don't let this happen to you. On long days of studying I will study for a couple of hours, go for a run, then come back to it. Only thing that has kept me sane.

    I am in no way trying to discourage, just prepare. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask. I am here in Houston with my wife and 4 kids so I have experience with this if you have dependents.

    SGT Nathan Cox
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    SGT Cox,

    I would love if you joined the facebook page I created for AECP. I think your insight would benefit many of us that are about to start school and those who are trying to put their packet together. I was the original feed on this feed because I was looking for other people who were going through this process. If you search AECP on facebook, there is a red cross next to it. Everyone is welcome There are only 2 people in the group so far, and I thought this would be a great way to stay connected. IPAP has a page, why not us. Anyways, I do have some questions for you since I have 2 kids under the age of 2.
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    University of Maryland, University of Colorado were both other schools that I found to meet the criteria. However, Austin Peay seemed to be a perfect fit for me with the school I had when I set my sights on this program. I had their pre-req list and then started knocking classes off one by one.
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    Looked for the link but could not find one with the red cross symbol next to it. Can you paste the hyperlink?
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    Hey SGT Cox,

    What school are you attending in Houston?
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    University of Texas Health and Science Center School of Nursing
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    NCox 1,

    You are going to the one in Houston? I have been looking at the one San Antonio. Do they have the same pre reqs?

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