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I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this process. I am looking for... Read More

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    I'm so happy for you guys and gals. I am finishing up my first semester at University of Maryland and it has been a great experience so far.

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    Hey, everyone! I'm new to posting on here but am also a selectee for FY13. I received an email regarding the need to go to the recruiting station to get fingerprints done, anyone else get this (I'm active duty)? Also, I'm unconditionally accepted to Binghamton University but am holding out to finish my classes in late-December and get my letter from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Is anyone else going to CSU?
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    hey jenn'87, yea I was told to do the same, it was easy-well the machine was a bit troublesome but anyway, all you need to tell them is that you were told by the program manager and to go. congrats!
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    Hey I am currently looking for schools that meet the AECP's strict guidelines. Since you were selected, can you tell me some of the schools that you have found to meet the criteria? Advice from all others would be gladly accepted.

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    Just contact your local recruiter and let them know what you need to do... It took me 15 minutes to get done and the recruiter was very helpful. Good luck getting into CSU
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    I am going to Austin Peay State University. On their school of nursing page, there is a tab on the right side for AMEDD programs. Debbie Cochener is the pre-nursing advisor. I was corresponding with her for 2 years before I was accepted. She knows all about the AECP, and getting all the documents needed for the packets was not difficult. With all the schools I looked at, this seemed to be the best fit for me. No chemistry requirement either, even though I took one semester just in case I applied to other schools.
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    Who is the POC for getting tuition paid, book reimbursment, and stuff that comes up while you are in school? I feel like I am calling SFC McDavitt all the time with questions.... I am registered for classes, but now sure how that all works. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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    Ya Edu! I am also going to Austin Peay... I wasn't sure about the payments as well... Are you all registered for classes? Are you on the nursing facebook page? I found that to be very helpful, but not as much with the AECP stuff. I email her a lot of stuff too! Man I am thinking I should create a facebook page for us all. That would have been so helpful through this process. If anyone wants to send me their name on Facebook I will add you to the group.
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    Here is the link to the facebook group... I figured this would be a better way for us to answer questions and stay connected.

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    I am so sorry... I didn't know I couldn't do that. Won't happen again
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