2012 Air Force Nursing Boards - page 4

Just wondering if anyone has information regarding the 2012 fully qualified nursing boards. Wondering when the board meets, how many slots are available and when results will be out. Thanks so much!... Read More

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    Hello everyone I just spoke to my recruiter he stated the results should be posted either tomorrow or friday. I hope everyone is doing well.Goodluck

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    Prince I hope you hear some good news!!!! Keep us updated...I was truly lucky enough to find out some good news today!!!!
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    I heard back from mine today. Anyone else on the "Alternate List?"
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    I got in and got to COT July 1
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    Or can anyone explain how good/bad being alternate #5 is? Congrats madden. Do you know if you got your 1st choice of locations yet?
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    #5 means that if 5people who were selected decline their offers or drop out for any reason then you're in. It's not hopeless. There are some people who endure the selection process than for some reason can't go through with it.

    smadden - congrats! It'll be hot in Alabama in July! Really humid. My allergies were a mess! Take along any meds you may need for that. lol
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    Congrats everyone!!!! I'm hoping there are a few more with some good news!!!!
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    My first station is in Alaska
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    Quote from smadden39
    My first station is in Alaska
    Congrats!!!!!!! I leave for COT next month and then NTP in Feb, my first "nursing" assignment is Elmendorf as well!! Are you going to be med-surg or are you coming in as a specialty? Again congrats and after next month I'll be glad to answer any COT questions you may have :-)

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