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In my nursing facility (SNF) we continue to be over benchmark with pressure sores, falls, infections, psychotropics. I do everthing in my power to keep all of these down. I do education, skin care, QI, speak with NP's about... Read More

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    Sounds like a good idea! Our facility is also restraint-free but we do use bed and w/c alarms for our high risk residents. I also recently implemented "safety rounds" on night shift where each CNA is designated a specific time on a given hall to ensure that every bed is in low position, check alarms, etc. That seems to have made SOME impact, but I'd love to do more; namely, something with more "continuity" s/p resident fall. Please do share those forms! Thanks in advance!

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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    The falls team consists of nurses,CNAs,activities people, rehab people and anyone else we can convince to come. If I make cookies, the room is packed! We have a falls management fall...we try to determine why and put realistic interventions in place to prevent you from getting injured if you fall again. I found a wonderful falls program on line so we use many of their forms....tweaked for my building since we use neither restraints nor alarms.
    It really is beneficial to have the CNAs involved. We keep the person on the falls management program for a month. Their high fall risk status is signified by a green form in their CNA care card....the other ones are white.
    I'd be happy to share my forms ...most of them I've stolen anyway!
    Would love a copy of these! Thanks
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    I know this was posted a long time ago. Would you still have them? If so can you send me a copy?

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    It's not letting me message you back. Saying you exceeded your message limit. But yes please would like your info on falls

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    @ Capecodmermaid- I'm so sorry, I'm new to this site and it didn't look like the messages were going through. I'm still learning this app. Sorry for the duplicate messages and thanks in advance.

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    I would like the forms
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