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New to assisted living

  1. 0 Hi everyone, just looking for some advice.

    I have been a working LPN for over a year now,
    I am in school to get my RN. I have worked in a local family practice office mainly as a "message nurse." I did phone triage nursing, taking calls, giving lab and radiology results..
    I am starting a night shift 11p-7a at an assisted living facility.
    I am nervous/excited for this next step in my career!
    Any tips/tricks warnings??
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    Good luck! AL is a peculiar environment to work in, very different from SNF's. I'd highly recommend that you get a copy of your facility's disclosure of services to understand the services you can offer and then get very well acquainted with your state regulations on assisted livings. Also, keep an eye on those CNAs and document EVERYTHING!
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    Make sure you read your care plans carefully and often!