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Hello fellow nurses: I am a new graduate RN. I did not work as an LPN/LVN/CNA/CMA before getting my RN, so my experience is limited to volunteer work and helping my mom a social worker in the numerous LTC facilities she worked... Read More

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    Thanks everybody for your help. I managed to get an extra couple of days of orientation and I feel like it was just what I needed. I ended up with a different nurse who really could explain things better to me. I've now officially had 5 days on my own, and they went smoothly. Though I will say now sometime this week all the nurses will have an in-service on incident reports, and I feel like I had something to do with that because I had to fill out several. (Not that anybody else could help me more than I was stumbling through myself). I've been on the same hall each time, and I'm starting to get to know my residents and what they need each shift and how best to manage my time. I know several other nurses do things in room number order, however, I have started to organize by which residents go to bed first, because it ends up saving me time from having to wake up the residents. There is nothing like having a resident refuse an important medication because some strange new face woke her up from a deep sleep telling her she needed to take medications. (I would probably refuse there too).

    Anyway, it's starting to go smoothly, and I can manage the day to day stuff pretty well. It's just when something out of the ordinary happens that I have to look around the nurses station to see who looks the least busy.
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