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Hi guys! This is my first time posting something on this section of the allnurses. Nice to meet you guys!! Currently I'm working a double weekend shift at a LTC facility and I care for 34-37 residents depending on the... Read More

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    I am an "old grad" and still stress out! So don't feel too bad. For most people, I would say that this is normal. Don't let it get the best of you.
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    I have learned a few things that save time.

    1) Listen to bowel sounds and lung sounds while the BP cuff is working. These are blanks you must check off in the medicare nursing notes. Don't just sit there, do something!

    2) If your diabetics are hanging out in the dining room, go do your sticks in there. Then do the ones hanging out at the nurses station. Then go to rooms. If you can do one person's meds and stick at the same time - bonanza!

    3) Learn to get out of a room without appearing rude. Sometimes inching toward the door works, sometimes not.

    4) I like to go in a whiny patient's room and sit next to them and talk for a minute. It's worth it because it saves time down the road. A patient who is given time feels cared for. One who is brushed off will keep needing more and more. I once made a list for my neediest (emotionally) resident. It told her when she could next get pain medication, what time the next meal was, etc. I told her I would come check on her at a certain time and I did. It helped a lot.

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