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I will be graduating early 2011, and I want to work in LTC, but I only see ads for LPNs. If you are an RN in LTC how did you get your job? I mean did they advertise for it, did you just apply, or did... Read More

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    Thank you, I will take your suggestions to heart, and do my best, the fact that one of my classmates has like 30 patients with meds, dressings etc, I believe nights might be a blessing.

    Thanks again

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    Nights would be a blessing. My first LTC experience was on evenings, had 267 residents, multiple CNA's, LPN's, RN's whom I was in charge of. This position called a House Supervisor which meant Charge nurse. With no experience I stood at the front of one of the nurses station (4 story building) and realized I was in deep stool. How can one person be in charge of all that! It's called LTC.

    I learned real fast. The experience I gained was unbelievable. I had nurses coming in drunk, at least 4 codes a week; anything that could happen did. Anytime a resident coughed I had to go assess. At least one incident every other night. I was pulled and torn in every direction imaginable and at the same time had no clue as to what I was doing.

    I had to come up with a plan fast and did. I survived a year at that place and went on to other things but nothing will ever replace the coping strategy I developed while working there. I try to remember how long my orientation was but can never remember; it's almost as if they just let me loose; I mean no amount of orientation could have prepared me for what came before me. It's sink or swim in many of these LTC facilities; good luck.
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    HI Nurse2be,
    You sound like me. I worked in the hospital as a new grad (and stayed entirely too long), but always knew it wasn't for me. I was not sure how to go about getting a job in the LTC setting and assumed they only wanted LPNs unless it was for supervisory positions. I was wrong! There are floor positions for RNs. But, I would not rely on job postings. My advice is this.
    First, go to and look under "Find a facility". You can do a check of the LTC facilities in your area by putting in your zip code, and compare 3 at a time. They will tell you about staffing, health inspections, quality indicators. I would pay special attention to staffing. It is great if a facility has no deficiencies (of course, you would want to stay away from a place that has an excessive number), but I think a facility can have some and still be a good place. Staffing helps to tell you about priorities. They will aslo let you know the ownership type of the place (corporate owned, non profit church related, etc.) Also, they will tell you the number of beds. This is a good starting point. Take a note of those that seem promising, maybe look them up on the internet. There should be family/resident satisfaction surveys available on the web too. These are provided by your state.
    Then...get your resume together with a nice cover letter and apply in person.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks to all of you that have posted here. You have given some great advice!
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    Quote from Toydemon10
    The key is making sure that you get a good orientation with an experienced nurse. It can be a logistical nightmare as far as the amount of multitasking, that is involved. Nights is the best way to ease into it. To get your feet wet. To see if it's for you. As far as LPN's are concerned it is all about trust and respect. They work under their own license and are given a job description that they are qualified and trained to do. You will need to rely on them for guidance for a good long while as well as the rest of your staff.
    Thank you for your advice! I find this forum extremely helpful!! I am a new grad RN too. After months of searching for a hospital position (RN Residency programs) I think from now on I will apply everywhere including LTC and home health. I kept avoiding them simply because I was just afraid of not having adequate training and losing my license easily. I just need to start somewhere to gain some experience. Now I'm willing at least to try to go this route. I guess you don't know for sure unless you try. Good luck to all new grads in job hunting!
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    I found my current LTC job (RN) on but I don't think this normally happens. Good luck!

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