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Yesterday, a resident told me "this cold water is really good." I gave her a smug look and said "I made it myself." Both of us: "bahahaha!" What moment have you had recently that gave you a good laugh? :)... Read More

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    One of my favorite things about LTC is that there is pretty much a reason to laugh to yourself (or sometimes OUT LOUD) every shift!

    We have an infamously aggressive resident that is usually AAOx2-3 and she is the cause of much laughter! She loves to curse and is extremely nosy!

    On my second night working at my current LTC facility, I wasn't yet accustomed to working with her or how to approach certain situations with her. It was about 9pm and she got out of bed and was across the hall at the doorway of another resident's room, just snooping. I told her calmly that she couldn't go into other resident's rooms. She quickly replied "Well you go in there, why can't I?" I responded stating that I worked at the facility, I was their nurse, and therefore had the right to enter. I concluded with "See, that's why I have this ID badge on..." she quickly retorted: "That ID badge doesn't make you an employee here, that makes you an a**hole!"

    I LOL'd pretty loudly in the hallway, and, ironically, so did she.

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    One of my pt's is a former DON, and a very high fall risk. Last night her and another resident, also a high fall risk, were sitting at the desk. The DON thinks she runs the joint, and thought her chair mate was a new nurse (96 yrs old, but hey) that was orientating. Well, I dropped an entire pitcher of water and the "orientee" giggled at me. The DON turned slowly to face the orientee and proceeded to tell her that that was a very inappropriate reaction for a new nurse, and instead of laughing perhaps she would like to get up and help me. The orientee stopped laughing. This DON cracks me up. She has the *look* of a head nurse. Very stern, but I have a feeling she was a good boss and nurse.
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    One day a resident with demtia was c/o her husband not coming home (he had been deceased for many years, but she always forgets). She said "I guess he's not coming home, so I'm going to find a new man." A male resident overheard her say this, got a huge grin on his face and said "Alright!" I about died laughing.
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    I have a resident with a recent CVA who's become very combative and wasn't speaking. At lunch yesterday she was repeatedly smacking a CNA who was trying to feed her and out of nowhere she looked at the CNA's shirt and said 'Tell Meadows to leave me alone!' Meadows is the name of the facility, embroidered on the shirts. After my initial shock that she was speaking again, I had to laugh!

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