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I started a midnight position at an LTC about 3 weeks ago. I am still having a hard time getting all the medications and treatments done by shifts end. Is there a trick to getting to all the treatments? Do those of you who are... Read More

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    I don't know how many nurses say this out loud but, god bless the aids. If it were not for the aids then us nurses would be hard pressed to get our jobs done in an Expedient manner. I try to advise all nurses to be good to their aids, they can make or break you.
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    At my facility there are currently no treatments (unless you count Nebulizer tx, which I assume you don't mean to include in the scope of tx's) on the 11-7 shift. We schedule skin tear treatments on the shift that they occur/are discovered, wound care is done only on 7-3, and central line dressings are changed on 3-11. Of course, all of these may also carry a "PRN" and occasionally we do have to redress sacral wounds or lines if a dressing comes off or becomes soiled.

    As far as med pass, I run two halls on nights and have only two residents with meds due at 12am (both nebulizer treatments that are q6). Prior to med pass I make sure to take care of all of my PEG care, provide my CNAs with any creams they may need to apply throughout the shift, grab the vital signs I need, etc. At med pass, I hang any IV abx first, not only because they are much more time consuming than PO meds, but also because I like for them to be done running before change of shift. My morning medpass pretty much only includes things like synthroid, omeprazole, some sinemet. Also some accuchecks (about 10). I have about 35 residents and I finish my complete med pass in about 1h15m. You have to get into a routine and know your residents. My first week or so on nights I would start med pass at 5am and barely be done by 7 to then begin charting. You'll get there!
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    I usually do treatments as early as possible..usally when my aids are doing rounds at 2 am. I cluster my care as much as i can to wake them up as little as possible. A lot of treatments are creams etc..sometimes ill get a dsg changes that will show up at 5 am but i refuse to do it that late bc i start my med pass at 5. From 2 am to 4 residents usually ask for prns, some IV abx show up at 4. From 5 to 7a im passing meds straight through and i barely finish on time bc something always happens; falls, skin tears, ppl with fall risks getting up on there own.. etc. If i am lucky i finish early, which is rare.

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