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  1. We have an issue going on with our hydration pass at our LTC facility. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out but to get the nursing department and dietary department to work together is more like trying to give a cat a bath. Anyways, the dietary manager and I have been given the job of coming up with a game plan to make sure this works for the 2 departments and, most importantly, getting done.

    We used to have pitchers and fresh ice water was passed 2X/day. The residents were complaining about the heaviness of the pitchers and filling the pitchers was time consuming to the nursing department.

    We since have ordered 12 oz. glasses and the water pass it to be done 3x/day. The first pass is to be completed after breakfast, by the NARs. Now, they are still getting residents up at this time and residents are returning from breakfast. Need to be toileted, lay down, get ready for appointments, etc. So this pass is difficult and is not getting done. The next pass is at about 2:30pm. The NAR goes to each room and picks up the "dirty glass," then a dietary assistant fills all new glasses with fresh ice water and passes out to each resident at about 4:30. If residents want water in-between this time, we use disposable glasses. At HS, the dietary department refills with fresh ice-water.

    We cannot depend on the dietary department do to all 3 passes and I get the business of the NARs. But our residents have to have their water.....this should be an easy problem but looking at infection control, time management and ease.....
    How do any of you pass your fresh water throughout the day? Looking for suggestions....
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