Help! Need a good CRASH CART Inventory Check List

  1. 0 I got a job at a local LTC and on the 3rd day of orientation, we had a code blue in the dining room. My last code was 6 years ago at the same facility, and the suction machine didn't work. It was a fiasco. This time, there was no oxygen tank. YIKES! I was extra frustrated because during our tour, I noted the crash cart and asked "who checks it off?" and received a vague answer. So , needless to say, we had a meeting after our code, (BTW the patient survived and I brought up a need for a decent crash cart, stocked, and a check list. WE ARE MUCH BETTER THAN THIS I said. So, I got the job. The list I have does not match the items nor does the location of items correspond to the list. I am looking for the California P & P for LTC crash cart inventory check list. If anyone has a good link, I would be grateful. ALSO, Does anyone have a link to a FAST AND CHEAP CPR renewal on line? Many thanks, Leslie
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