Eek, Is 48 patients by myself too many for a nightime LTC center shift? - page 2

Hello, I am a new nurse. I passed my NCLEX a couple weeks ago and will be starting a job in the next few days. I was told that I will get 2 weeks training before I will be on a night shift with 48... Read More

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    I am in similar situation as u except my facility has 75 beds and only 1 nurse at night with 3 aids. I've been asked to work nights several times and each time i've turned it down and they just won't stop pushing! I just don't feel comfortable with so many patients and me being so new anything can go wrong. If something happens, I don't want my license or patients to be in jeopardy. Don't be afraid to say NO, what's the worst that can happen? Have them fire you? Just look for a new job and it's part of the nursing law (i think i read it somewhere) to not accept any assignment that you're not comfortable with. Speak up for yourself and protect your license!

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