Animal Therapies for the elderly with I.D

  1. Firstly, to introduce myself. I am a third year student nurse of Intellectual Disability, currently studying in Ireland's University of Limerick. I am about to enter my 4th/ Internship year, and as I am hoping to do my Final Year Project on the nurses role regarding Pet/ Animal Therapies, I am hoping your site/ database would be able to provide me with relevant articles regarding same?

    Anything on the topic particularly involving individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, such as "The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Individuals with Intellectual Disability",would be greatly appreciated. I have decided to focus on the elderly population for my project, so if anyone had any information on the topic that would be great!!

    Just doing a bit of research at the moment, so would love to hear if anyone knows much about this topic, or even if it is being used routinely in your Unit. I'm specifically looking for the nurses role in facilitating such therapies, as well as the nurse/ carestaffs thoughts or perceptions of same. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
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