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A middle-aged woman tiptoes out of your elderly patient's room as you stand at the computer making your latest entry, then sneaks a look back to make sure her mother is still sleeping. Shyly, she... Read More

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    After her savings were exhausted, she was put on Medicaid. However, she would not have been accepted in the beginning unless she was private pay.

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    Don't forget the ALF's that have a special memory care wing. I had a patient in one of those with the most wonderful "wander garden". The whole place reeked of dignity.
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    As a staff nurse in a small community hospital, I have cared for many residents of ALF while in the hospital.Some do well, others have no idea of who they are or why they are any where. I would be afraid to leave my loved in a place with minimal staff at night- what about fire? I have talked with several people who have worked in AFL and they were the only staff member present at night. How could 1 person make sure 30 or more folks were safe in an emergency. About 10 yrs ago when my daughter was 16, she got a job working at ALF. Her first day there she set the table for dinner, cleaned toilets and then gave the residents their meds. When she came home and told me that she had given people meds, I almost had a stroke. She wasn't happy, but she did not keep her job. As a RN and mom,I did not feel comfortable with my teenage child giving meds. I guess you just have to check out the individual ALF and go into it with your eyes and ears wide open!
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    It's true, the quality of ALFs varies greatly by location, company, and numerous other factors. In my next article in this series, I'll discuss staffing models such as the "neighborhood" concept, nurse delegation and the duties of the RN, and training requirements for the unlicensed assistive personnel who perform the vast majority of the care and housekeeping tasks for their assigned residents.
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    There are so many different types of ALF's that exist,...Here in FL they are becoming more strict on the regulation of what these facilities can and can't do. All med tech's must have a certification course before passing meds. There are also varying licenses the facility can hold to allow them to perform skilled nursing tasks as well. Many ALFs in my area do not have an RN on staff, only LPNs and CNAs. There are also special criteria the pt must meet for admission (like being able to stand/pivot or no stage 3 decubs).

    Also, there's so many different scenarios-good and bad. Some places are family owned and others are large campuses with various departments inside (ALF, LTC, and independent living). For many families, there is a great deal of limbo regarding the proper placement for their parents. Its a huge and very expensive decision to choose and ALF and many cannot afford it (or run out of money trying to). I do know that certain facilities accept a Medicare Waiver, I am not sure what this entails but I have heard that this cuts some costs. Many ALFs in my area charge a monthly price that includes 3 meals, housekeeping/laundry, transportation to appts/errands, and activities. Although the amenities vary from place to place, they may include toiletries and incontinence supplies or may include medication management in their price-some charge a monthly fee. For so many families who employ around the clock private duty aides, ALFs are a heaven sent-bc at the end of the day, they still need to cook/clean/arrange appts etc.... What I notice is the huge need for the facilities that have Dementia Care. At my facility, we are at capacity in our dementia wing-it is so hard to find places for exit-seekers. It is really amazing to see the growth and popularity of ALFs come to the forefront. It should be made to be more affordable because so many people are in need of this "in-between" type of healthcare.....
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