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Who wants to go to Emory? Summer 2013 ABSN/MSN - page 3

To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait... Read More

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    I got my call today!! I'm in and congrats to all you others! The woman who called me said they will be updating OPUS tomorrow with decisions and they they are trying their best to call all the accepted students before then (but I got the impression that they weren't finished). So for all who are left waiting, there is still a chance!! Good luck everyone! Hope to see you Feb 8th
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    Congrats to those who got in!!!

    @marmaduke: in past years, the deadline for the deposit was March 1st and the ABSN program requires 756 hours. Not sure when the orientation is, but the program starts in May.
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    Did anyone apply for the scholarship or fellowship?
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    @SuebNP - I didn't get a chance to apply to the scholarship.. the deadline came way too fast! I am so lost when it comes to all of this financial aid stuff! Anybody have any idea of where to start looking?
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    Well, if you're a fast writer, Lindsay, you still have about 24 hrs! I'm still working on mine :/
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    Opus has been updated! Best wishes, everyone!
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    Did anyone apply to the Fuld Scholarship? I e-mailed [moderator edit of name] and she said usually 30-40 people apply and 3-4 usually get it.
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    I applied! That's a 1 out of 10 chance!
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    Good luck with it!
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    Just a reminder: per the website Terms of Service (TOS), please do not post school staff or faculty names. I have edited a recent post to remove a name. Thanks!
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    Finally got my letter in the mail! I have a quick question if anyone happens to know the answer... in the letter it says to view the Admitted Students' website by going to Emory | Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing | Homepage and clicking on the Admitted Students' icon and signing in with our OPUS information. For some reason I can't find the "Admitted Students' icon" on this page for the life of me- has anyone else been able to find it and sign in? Thanks so much!
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    You can just go straight to opus and log in also--search for it on google.
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    Thanks lifeismuzik- when I sign into regular OPUS I don't see anything here either about an "Admitted Students' website". I may be looking in the complete wrong place, I'm obviously not very OPUS savvy haha. I'm using Safari web browser, maybe this is the problem. Have you been able to find a site that has more info about admitted students and/or the Admitted Students' Day?