Who wants to go to Emory? Summer 2013 ABSN/MSN - page 7

To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait will be coming to an end... ... Read More

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    Thank you so much for all of the info! I am 90% sure I will be attending Emory and this just made me so happy to hear!

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    Is anyone conflicted about Emory vs Columbia? Or, has anyone made the choice?If so, PM me
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    Lifeismuzik- yes I currently am in the same boat! I can't PM you since I don't have enough posts but if you want to email me at sjames@sandiego.edu I would love to chat and go through the process together!
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    Does anyone know if we have to stick with the master's specialty we applied to when we start the program? I applied for the FNP program but I was very torn between that and midwifery so I was just wondering if once I start the program, if I liked OB/L&D more, if it would be possible to switch? Not sure if anyone has heard anything about this. Seeing as I think the ABSN portion is the same regardless of master's specialty?
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    Generally yes but switching into midwifery may be the exception.I would double check
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    Does anyone know when the decisions for the Fuld Fellowship are awarded? Or when we will know if we qualify for any type of financial aid?
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    I was told we would find out if we are Fuld fellowship finalists in early March, and that interviews for finalists are tentatively scheduled for March 22. (I'm not sure how many people are interviewed for it.) I don't know about you all, but sometimes I feel like waiting for financial aid decisions is harder than waiting for an admission decision...
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    Yeah I totally agree about that...because the financial aid decision will actually determine whether I go to Emory or not! I think the financial aid director said we should hopefully hear about all forms of financial aid (including need, merit-based and endowed scholarships) by early March...the wait seems so long though!!
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    I completely agree! My final decision on where I go is basically going to come down to where I get the most aid. What other programs are you deciding between? Right now I'm deciding on between Penn(174k), Emory ( 110k) and Thomas Jefferson( 68k) . I know the rankings don't really matter but I just don't know what to do before I know about aid! I already sent my deposit for Emory but I can't send it for 2 more schools, decisions, decisions ....
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    Totally agree. I really like Emory but it is so crummy that they are making us commit over 100k to their program and pay 250 before we even know about financial aid.I am kind of stuck too--I can't pay multiple deposits. If we don't hear back about financial aid in the next week I will call admissions, explain my situation and see what they say.

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