When is the right time ti apply to Nursing Program

  1. Hi, I'm currently taking A&P1 and will be taking A&P2 in the fall, and plan to take micro spring of 2013,but I have all other pre-reqs for the BSN program, I just wanted to know when would be a good time to apply to the program? Can I apply after A&P2 or do I wait until I'm completely finished?
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  3. by   lovedijah
    Each school is different. Not sure where you're applying, but some say you can apply at anytime so long as you can prove you'll be finished all core classes before you start. That's how my school is. I got accepted, but contigent upon completing last two pre reqs before August 8. Some schools require you to be finished all core classes before you apply.
  4. by   beckyv
    Yes, all the schools are different. I know GSU requires you to finish the pre reqs before you START the program, but you can apply before you finish them all. KSU requires so many science/math to be completed before you can apply... you have to check with each school. Then some of them accept applications for Fall start only, some for spring and fall. You almost need a spreadsheet to have it all laid out lol!